What a weekend! A long drive from Southampton back to our Yorkshire base to pick up stock followed by the trip down to Birmingham saw 400 miles added to the speedo of our van. We needed to grab some display stands from our old storage unit before heading south to the Birmingham NEC. Over 120,000 people attended this years cycle show and it was great to spread the word about Slick Revolution.

We chose to attend the cycle show based on the fact that a lot of Slick Revolutions customers are brand new to eboards and also fit in to a similar demographic as many of those attending the cycle show. Electric bikes have been growing in popularity in the last few years in much the same way that eboard popularity has so we though if we can steal a few customers away from the ebike world we would be doing ok.

Thursday was trade only and press day which meant lots of interested shops and distributors. The following 3 days were open to the public. Its truly amazing how many people you can speak to in a day and also amazing the different types of people who approached us from children who have only just learnt to talk to the somewhat older generation, we had interest from everyone. Interestingly we were approached by a couple of videographers who wanted to use our eboards as steadicam rigs. From our experience filming riding videos we knew that they’re perfect.

We were excited to have the Flex-Eboard on show. In just a weeks time we will have 5 or so available for demo rides and the Slick Revolution team will be making a video with them. It got so much attention at the cycle show and Youtubers and bloggers far and wide are reaching out to us about it. Exciting times ahead and plenty more people out there on our eboards!

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