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Kaabo electric scooters
Kaabo started the business of electric scooters in 2013.

Legend goes they saw a guy riding a unicycle on street in China. They were fascinated by what electric power could do to people’s life and started developing electric scooters as an easier and safer alternative to unicycles.

In contrast to many other manufacturers, they fully design and develop their own tooling and build innovative and high quality scooters to provide a better method of transportation for people all around the world.

Kaabo has a good relationship with Minimotors – the masters of electric scooters. Kaabo uses key parts for its own products like the Minimotors displays and controllers. In South Korea, Minimotors distributes the Wolf Warrior for Kaabo.


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Important Note: Country-specific legal restrictions may apply to the use of this product on roads, sidewalks, bike paths or other public areas, such as driver's license, license plate, safety helmet and driving bans. Please check this before using this product. If you have any questions or uncertainties, we will be happy to help you by mail or phone.