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Electric unicycle

An electric unicycle is a self-balancing personal transporter with a single wheel. You control speed by leaning forwards or backwards, and steers by leaning and twisting side to side with your feet. EUC’s are known for having great battery life and can easily provide a range of 50 to 100 km per charge.


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Inmotion V12 Electric Unicycle

Range 150km / Speed 70km/h

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Inmotion Challenger V13

Range 200km / Speed 90km/h

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Carefree home delivery. Riding your EUC is simple

Your electric unicycle (or short EUC) will be delivered to every EU country for free and within a couple of days. The product will be either ready to go or need some air to inflate the tires.

Why an electric unicycle?

Beside the fact that it's the perfect commuter and really portable it is also a great workout where you use all your muscles. You can easily put your EUC in the back of your car and use it as a last mile solution.

The difference with other shops?

Service, transparency and knowledge. The market is currently flooded with counterfeits. Fatdaddy only sells high-quality and professional brands that offer service and repairs in all of our whops. So that you can be helped quickly in case of problems.

Buy Inmotion electric Unicycles

One of the biggest (arguably the only real EUC brand) is Inmotion, but the competition is slowly keeping up and in some parts winning the game. We stock all Inmotion Electric Unicycles with free EU shipping and warranty.