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KingSong KS S18 2200W


With monthly payments €96 pm or 4x €575 pm interest free

Kingsong did it again, world’s first full suspension Electric Unicycle (EUC) is here. The KingSong KS S18 electric unicycle is completely new design sports inspired body and suspension is going to blow your mind. Aerodynamics with air intake system, Aggressive curvature design and variable linkage dampening air suspension system using 200-57 suspension is what makes this unique and of its own kind. Kingsong S18 with its powerful motor of 2200W, 1110Wh battery, and ergonomically designed to connect rider with the wheel and creates a whole new rider experience.

Available in early november

This item is in stock and will be shipped out within 24 hours expect delivery between 14 December and 16 December at your country.