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We are the official repair service for the following brands:

Boosted Boards Repairs

Evolve Electric Skateboards Repairs

Enertion Boards Repairs

Check-up and maintenance

You want to enjoy your board for as long as possible. Preventive maintenance is a key element in the longevity of your board. Maintained boards are also much safer. We can gather wear-n-tear data for future improvements of your board during the check up and deliver high quality repairs.

Your boards will be checked in one of our Fatdaddy stores, dedicated to electric skateboards worldwide.

Our check-up includes:
   – belt tension and condition
   – battery charge and voltage balance
   – wheels, bearings, motors, pulleys, and remote control functionality
   – motor mounts and internal screws condition and tension
   – seals around front panels, control panel, thrusters, and heat shrink

Bought your board with us? Get a free check-up and maintenance in our stores!
* We will not charge you for our check-up service. You will only pay for parts that might need to be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty guidelines. Naturally, we will not adjust anything without consulting you beforehand.

We love to help you get going again. Fill in the form below so we can help you as fast as possible. We usually reply within 1 working day. If your repair is covered by the warranty of the purchase you can also ask your supplier to contact us.

DIY assistance

We build special batteries and are able to assist you in building your own DIY-eboard (Do It Yourself Electric Skateboard).

DIY assistance and repairs

Your eboard is probably your most used transportation (or it should be!) and maintaining it is a difficult job. Luckily we have in-house repair and maintenance service to keep your electric skateboard in excellent condition

Our electric skateboard repair and maintenance team is equipped with parts for almost every board ever produced. We also build special batteries and are able to assist you in building your own DIY-eboard (Do It Yourself Electric Skateboard).

Repair and upgrade options include:
   – motor replacement
   – change or upgrade bearings
   – applying a fresh griptape
   – new trucks
   – new wheels
   – battery repairs and upgrades

We highly value proper maintenance. That’s why we use Ionic Flux as a bearing lube. You will receive a free Ionic Flux sample when order your board online or in one of our stores!