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Is an electric fatbike allowed on the bike path?

Yes, electric fatbikes are simply electric bikes in a tougher outfit and with more features than brands. (Almost) all electric fatbikes go 25 km/h. If your electric fatbike goes faster than 25 km/h or more than 250W, it is not allowed on public roads.

How do you recognise an electric fatbike?

The first thing you notice, of course, are the fat tyres, but if you look closely, most electric fatbikes are equipped with dozens of extra features that most electric bikes do not have. What is also immediately noticeable is the tough appearance with rugged frame and relaxed sitting position. In addition, most fatbikes are suitable for 2 people or can carry extra luggage (cargo).

Drives effortlessly at 25 km/h

With all electric fatbikes, you can ride 25 km/h effortlessly. The pedal assistance has several settings, and in the heaviest setting you hardly need to make any effort to reach top speed. If you do put in some effort in that setting, you will find that you can easily exceed 25 km/h as well.