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The AGM 250 fatbike is an electric fat bike with a sturdy solid tube frame and enormously thick tires. The tires ensure unprecedented grip on any terrain. The AGM fatbike has a retro look which is emphasized by the saddle and comfortable seating position. The 250W motor ensures that you will whizz along the bike path at 25km/h without breaking a sweat. No insurance, driving license or minimum age is required to ride this bike.

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The thick tires offer exceptional grip

With the AGM GT250 you can effortlessly go through the sand, through the snow, through the forest, through the grass, and over unpaved terrain. The tires are studded and therefore have grip on any surface, paved or unpaved. In addition, they make a buzzing sound when you ride which further enhances the special riding experience. You definitely want to be seen on this bike.

Take someone along on the back of the Fatbike

If you like cycling but also comfort, you should definitely buy the AGM fatbike. The long retro saddle is very comfortable, and certainly suitable for long distances. Never saddle sore again! Because of its length you can even take someone on the back. The bike is designed for this because there are also fold-out footsteps for the passenger. So this is one of the very few ebikes where you can really take someone on the back.

Drive 25km/h effortlessly

With this electric bike you can ride 25 km per hour effortlessly. The pedal assist has several settings, and in the highest setting you hardly need to make any effort to reach top speed. If you do put some effort into that setting, you will find that you can easily exceed 25 kilometers per hour.

Powerful 250W motor in the rear wheel

The AGM 250 has a rear-wheel driven motor. The rear wheel motor, also called the hub motor, can deliver 250W of power on this model. This means that you have plenty of power at your disposal and can move forward effortlessly in a fraction of a second. The riding experience is unprecedented because the bike responds very directly. That makes cycling even more fun. By the way, the motor is also brushless (free of carbon brushes), which means that the motor is completely maintenance-free. So the motor is not prone to wear and tear, which in turn saves you on maintenance.

Large digital display with clear battery gauge

What is a real must-have on an electric bike is a digital display that informs you well about the speed you are riding, the pedal assist mode you have chosen, and how your battery is doing. With the AGM GT 250 this is very well done. You have a very nice digital display that clearly shows all the information. For example, the battery is not only shown in cubes, but there is also a percentage meter that makes everything even clearer. So everything is well thought out and worked out.

7 gears from Shimano

AGM’s GT250 is equipped with good quality parts. For example, a Shimano 7-speed Revoshift has been chosen for the gears. This allows you to change gears with just the thumb and forefinger. This same system is used at Knaap and Mate.

Powerful removable battery with a capacity of 614Wh

As standard, the AGM GT250 comes with a 614Wh Li-ion battery. This is 40% more than the average ebike battery can deliver. Li-ion stands for Lithium Ion which means the battery can be recharged often, lasts a long time, and is lightweight. The battery cells are from the LG brand, one of the largest manufacturers in the battery field, as are Samsung and Panasonic. Again, quality has been chosen.

The secret behind the powerful performance of the electric bike is that the battery delivers a voltage of 48V, and thus the motor also operates at 48V. The higher the voltage, the smoother the motor can respond. Most ebikes don’t get above 36V so you have a lot of extra spunk. Are you looking for a Fat Bike with a long range on the battery that also has very sporty performance? Then you should buy the AGM 250 Fatbike!

There are 5 support modes to choose from, from Economy to Full Power. In Economy mode, the 614Wh battery will get you up to 80km. If you turn on Full Power mode and unleash everything in the beast, you can still get around 60km, which is quite a lot considering its powerful performance.

With the key provided, you can easily detach the battery from the AGM Fat Bike. After turning the key in the lock, simply slide the battery backwards and remove it from the bike. This increases the charging convenience because you can charge the battery anywhere with the included charger.

Front and rear disc brakes

With a sporty fatbike like this, you obviously need some good brakes, especially when riding 25km or faster, and AGM has not skimped on those either. In fact, the GT250 is equipped with a brake disc on the front wheel and a brake disc on the rear wheel that delivers unprecedented braking performance. The brakes in combination with the insanely thick tires (fattires) ensure that you can really stop in no time without having to squeeze the brakes hard.

Excellent LED lighting for good visibility

Whether you’re riding during the day, or in the dark… With the excellent LED lighting, you’ll always be highly visible, and you’ll be able to see extremely well in the evening too. The headlight is equipped with a powerful lens that bundles the light and turns it into a spotlight. The light output is therefore many times higher than a normal ebike.

Charge your phone on the go

Of course, a USB connection should not be missing on a bike like this one! On the road, you can easily charge your phone with this bike. You can simply plug in your charging plug and charge your phone. When you choose a navigation/phone holder as an option, you can also use your smartphone as navigation.

Buy AGM GT250 fatbike

Are you looking for a new means of transportation that allows you to fly fast and does not require a driver’s license? Then you can now buy the AGM GT250 fatbike from us. This electric bike has very thick tires, a long range, and lots of power. Moreover, it is equipped with all kinds of luxury options including LED, USB, brake discs, a luxury digital display, 7 gears, 5 riding modes, and a very sturdy frame. Even taking someone on the back is possible with this ebike!

Technical specifications AGM GT250

Brand: AGM
Model: GT250
Color: Mat black
Speed: 25 km/h (view all 25km/h bikes)
Drive: Electric, rear hub motor
Frame: Aluminum
Lighting: LED front and rear
Wheel size: 20 “x400 (view tube, view outer tire)
Front fork: Suspension fork
Braking system: Hydraulic disc brake front and rear.
Gears: Shimano 7 Speed
Voltage: 48V
Wattage: 250W
Battery: LG removable Lithium-ion 48V 12.8Ah
Watt hour: 614Wh
Charging time: 4 hours
Display: Bafang LCD S750

Detachable Battery




Type of electric bike




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