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VSETT electric scooters

Put your trust in the highest class of premium brand which guarantees the most extreme experiences! Vsett creates engineering masterpieces created from passion for electric vehicles. These electric scooters has been created for the most demanding clients who do not want to choose between price, quality or safety.

VSETT 8 (and VSETT 8+)

Range 60km / Speed 42 km/h

In stock, shipped in 24 hours


In stock, shipped in 24 hours

Vsett 10+

Range 90km / Speed 65km/h

In stock, shipped in 24 hours


Range 150km Speed 85km/h

In stock, shipped in 24 hours

Your VSETT 9, 10+ and 11+ electric scooter will come with 3 NFC tags where you can lock and unlock your electric scooter with. Your 3 unique NFC chips only work with your scooter and are not inner-changeable.