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Eager to have a place where we could dialogue with our customers, we opened our very first store in 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since then, the store has become a veritable testing ground for new ideas and vehicles. We place great importance on cultivating a direct relationship with our customers, for it is this relationship that strengthens and distinguishes the Fatdaddy brand. Backed by this approach, Fatdaddy became the biggest eMobility retailer within a year.

Our stores allow us to share with you, our customers, the love we feel for our products. But above all, our stores are living spaces where guests can discover new products to upgrade their daily commute.

All of our stores are different, for they incorporate the features of their own particular country’s needs. Every Fatdaddy store has its own unique identity and history, all the while remaining true to the DNA of the brand. Fatdaddy has worked hard to avoid the dull and repetitive feel that is characteristic of so many chains. To us, a store’s vibe counts more than anything else – for once you walk through the front door, you’re at home.

The idea for our company started back in 2017 as electric skateboards places started popping up around The Netherlands. While locals were hesitant at the idea of riding an electric skateboard, tourists began using them for sightseeing along the coast highway. While every rider came back with a big smile on their face from the indescribable joy that comes from riding an electric skateboard, most did not think they were practical for commuting due to their bulkiness, complexity and price tag.

Like many other companies, we have started our business in our own garage. We wanted to produce an inexpensive & high quality eboards and are able to do that by designing and assembling our boards in the Europe. While we have a small operation, years of experience in the boarding and tech industry has allowed us to operate extremely efficiently keeping costs down for our customers.

With an operation based in the heart of Amsterdam, we are able to take part in the amazing resurgence of the city. Businesses are moving back to Amsterdam and the energy and enthusiasm is palpable. We frequently volunteer with local organizations and businesses in North Holland who are involved with Urban Entrepreneurship and making Amsterdam a better place.

  • Average > 1.000.000 unique visitors p/mnt
  • More then 8.000.000 pageviews p/mnt
  • Niche player in the fast growing SEV market
  • Strong community with monthly events acting as demo’s
  • Distributor for 22 brands, some exclusive

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Are you interested in becoming a Fatdaddy shop, have a cool product or can help us get the most out of our brand, hit us up. We keep an open dialog with everybody, from customers to suppliers.