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Offroad electric scooters delivered to your front door

Vsett 10+

From: 1990

Dualtron Mini

From: 1190

VSETT 8 (and VSETT 8+)

From: 979
From: 1849
From: 999
From: 1190
From: 2549
From: 4999
From: 1649
From: 2949
Original price was: €5399.Current price is: €4999.
From: 1590
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From: 1590
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From: 2599
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Go off the beaten path with out offroad electric scooters that can pack a punch. The scooters in the offroad category are made all equipped with the best brakes and suspension for extreme but comfortable rides.

Our electric scooters are delivered straight to your front door for free and do not need any assembly. We ship with the best courier service for your country to make sure the scooters get there in one piece.

Delivery times for electric scooters

Usually we ship your offroad electric scooter within 24 hours depending on the model, you will receive the electric scooter a few days later. We keep you in the loop with personalised emails for every step in the delivery process.

Service and warranty for electric off-road scooters

We only offer electric scooters that we are proud of and are prepared to support forever. Strong customer service is part of that. That's why we always work directly with all brands to get to a solution quickly. Most problems can also be solved by your local bike shop – if that is not possible you can always send the scooter to one of our service centers.