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Discover the freedom of Electric Skateboards.

Are you completely done with public transport and looking for a practical solution to travel faster from A to B, or want to cruise long distances on weekends? Then electric longboards and electric skateboards are the perfect solution.

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Elwing Powerkit

Original price was: €699.Current price is: €599.

Electric skateboard or electric longboard?

Depending on your needs, a certain model fits there. On the road a lot? Then it's better to choose a short deck like the Elwing Powerkit, these are small models that you can easily take with you on the train for example. If you want to ride comfortably on long distances, the Boosted Plus and the Stealth are interesting. In addition, each electric skateboard has its own specifications such as top speed and range on a full battery.

Convenient home delivery.

Due to the lockdown our store is closed, we ship online orders every Monday through Friday. Order before 2pm and your package will arrive tomorrow! You will receive a UPS tracking code, and can make changes if you are not home.

Personalized advice.

Can't work it out? Just get in touch! Our staff has years of experience and can recommend an electric skateboard that exactly fits your lifestyle. We are happy to give you advice based on your budget and needs and we can even repair your board if something goes wrong.

Safety first.

Electric skateboarding is a fantastic hobby, but as with any sport, there are risks involved. We always advise users to invest in a bit of safety. Think of lights for in the dark, a helmet and special gloves.

Our ever expanding selection

We carry some of the best brands in the industry. Fatdaddy is fully stocked with all the accessories, eyewear, clothing, packs, tools and other gear you need to make your ride complete. Check out our full brand list.

Demo before you buy

Before you make your purchase you can ride our selection of electric skateboards in our shop and compare them back-to-back. Book your demo on the product page. Every purchase includes these services and benefits: 1) Get amazing discounts at time of purchase. 2) FREE Tune-up – A mechanic goes over your electric skateboard to keep it operating like new. Also a great time to ask any questions after your first several hours of riding. €49 value. 4) Warranty and crash replacement support. Things happen. We’ll be here for you.


Financing is available from for any purchase between €250 and €5.000. Any electric skateboard, any brand, parts, wheels, bike racks, etc – more details on our financing program.

World Class Technicians

Our team of technicians not only fix your electric skateboard in our service center they also help you getting the best advice for buying the electric skateboard that suits your needs.

Location, Location, Location

All of our stores are located on A++ locations in Europe. We are open 7-days a week and sometimes outside of our normal business hours to make sure you've come to the right purchase. Next to that our stores are community-hubs where we try to dialog with our customers and really try to make you part of the Fatdaddy family.


A portion of each purchase goes back into our community through social programs and events and other advocacy efforts.