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Onewheel electric skateboard

Onewheel Pint + Free Fender


Fender for Onewheel XR


Pint Charger Plug


Onewheel GT – Treaded Tire


XR Home Charger


Onewheel GT – Slick Tire

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Onewheel XR

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Onewheel Pint X

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Pint Ultracharger

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Onewheel, the most revolutionary ride ever!

The Onewheel is not just a means of transportation, but a surprisingly fun sport

and lifestyle. Shred the road or go through the woods. Wherever and whenever you want, even in bad weather! Onewheel works by means of a large pneumatic tire with touch-sensitive sensors on which you stand with both feet. By leaning with your balance you determine the speed.

Fatdaddy is the official dealer of Onewheel in Europe. Ordered today before 14:00, delivery in 1-2 business days!

Snowboarding everywhere.

Walking is no longer an option after trying a Onewheel. The founding company Future Motion is a pioneer and tries to give everyone the feeling of snowboarding. This way, you no longer depend on mountains of snow but can experience it every day on your Onewheel.

Carefree home delivery.

Due to the lockdown our store is closed, we ship online orders every Monday through Friday. Order before 2pm and your Onewheel will be in your home in 1-2 business days! You will receive a UPS tracking code, and can make changes if you are not home to receive it.

Onewheel test drive?

Fatdaddy loves the Onewheel and wants to get the rest of the world just as stoked. That's why we offer test drives in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. E-mail us to make a reservation.

Onewheel GT

The Onewheel GT the largest and most powerful within the onewheel lineup. You get the best Onewheel has to offer. For example, the Onewheel GT goes up to 32 km/h and you can expect a range of up to 50 km. The GT is suitable for any type of terrain.

Onewheel Pint X

For almost half the price of the Onewheel GT, you get the Onewheel Pint X. The Pint is more compact, but certainly gives just as much pleasure. You have the same experience for example you cross at a speed of 26 km/h and on a full battery you can reach up to 28 km of adventure.

Onewheel GTOnewheel XROnewheel Pint XOnewheel Pint
Speed 20 mph
32 kmh
19 mph
30 kmh
18 mph
28 kmh
16 mph
25 kmh
Range20-32 mi
32-50 km
12-18 mi
19-28 km
12-18 mi
19-28 km
6-8 mi
9-12 km
Optional fendersYesYesYesYes
Motor750W Hypercore® hub motor750W Hypercore® hub motor750W Hypercore® hub motor750W Hypercore® hub motor
Easy to carryNahIshYesYes
Charge time120 minutes60 minutes225 minutes120 minutes
Colors GreenBlue2 Colors 2 Colors
Price (EU)€2450€1999€1625€1175
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