Become a Fatdaddy Franchise Partner

We are glad to hear that you are interested in selling under the coolest electric products under the Fatdaddy brand. We are always looking for passionate new potential business partners to carry our brand into new places or counties.

With starting a Fatdaddy franchise you take the advantage of the success of an established business with minimal investment.

Fatdaddy is significantly growing fast(er) then we could have ever hoped, this meaning in us needing more and more offline location to bring retail experience and products closer to the customers.

Why start a Fatdaddy Franchice?

You Don’t Need Buckets of Money:
Partnering up makes it amazingly easy to get started selling. You don’t need to invest heavily in inventory, yet you can still offer most items to your customers. We have a proven trackrecord with suppliers and partners. 

Convenience & Efficiency:
Successfully launching and growing an business takes a lot of work, especially if you have limited resources. Not having to worry about fulfillment is incredibly convenient and frees up your time to concentrate on your marketing plan, customer service, and operations.
In fact we do most of the heavy lifting. For example, customer service will be done centrally meaning you do not have to worry about pre-sales questions or after service, this is all being taken care of by us. 

The Market Is Exploding:
eMobility is everywhere and used as a daily method of transportation in urban cities. We sell all the brands and have a weekly growing set of partners.

Send your details to or schedule a (video) meeting below. 

Marketing collateral
Our media, customer service, retail, marketing, sales and IT team will provide you with all of the promotional collateral you need to start up your business both in store and online. 

Exclusive territory
When you franchise with Fatdaddy, you receive your exclusive territory anywhere in the world. When you launch in this territory the territories surrounding the one you have chosen will be ring fenced to you.

This means no one else can launch in any nearby territory until we have contacted you to see if you are looking to expand your business in the near future.

Website, customer support and social media
You will receive an innovative branded website for your franchise with complete back office system which handles all of your adminstrative tasks such as adding products, managing stock and even pulling of financial reports with ease.

We also set up Social media pages for you in order to promote your business in an easily affordable and adaptable manner.

Before you open up shop a full training is provided on the brand/ program you desire. This includes sales training, repair training and marketing coordination.

The Fatdaddy team will be on hand for continuous support throughout your career as business owner.

Not limited to our in house products
You are not limited to just the products you find in other Fatdaddy stores. You can add every product your local demographic might be interested in, as long as it fits our brand and image. We will add the products to your online store, advertising and inventory. 

Everything is branded
You will receive a complete set for you and your employees with Fatdaddy branded kit. This will include clothing, displays, product corners and our own energy drink.

The industry leading retailer
Fatdaddy’s curriculum is top of the line. There is no other company that is not only retailer/distributor of such a massive quantity there is also no other company that will assist and keep assisting you in your process of becoming part of the number one eMobility retailer, promise.

We do al the heavy lifting

What’s more when you purchase a franchise with us our full-time media team will set up your own marketing, advertising and website. This means you do not have to invest thousands in webdevelopment, Google Ads or adjusting advertisements to get to the perfect customer. 

We need partners in all directions

Work with us

Are you interested in becoming a Fatdaddy shop, have a cool product or can help us get the most out of our brand, hit us up. We keep an open dialog with everybody, from customers to suppliers.

Not into showing your face on camera? Send over an email to our founder;