Open a Fatdaddy location

We are glad to hear that you are interested in selling the coolest electric products under the Fatdaddy brand. We are always looking for passionate new potential business partners to carry our brand into new places or counties.

Fatdaddy is significantly growing fast(er) than we could have ever dream, this meaning in needing more and more offline location to bring retail experience and products closer to the customers. With starting a Fatdaddy store you take the advantage of the success of an established business with minimal investment.

We are currently looking for new partners in;
Belgium⁴ , France⁴ , United Kingdom⁴ , Germany² , Denmark³² , Italy⁴ , Sweden⁴ , Finland⁴ , Spain⁴ , Switzerland⁴ , Luxembourg³² , Ireland⁴ , Portugal³

¹ Online
² Physical locations 
³ Country Manager
⁴ All the above


You are becoming a partner in a well established company

Let’s talk

Fatdaddy’s entire organisation is based on being open and welcome to all sorts of partnerships. Tell us all your ideas and how we can both make this business better. 

Convenience & Efficiency

Successfully launching and growing a business takes a lot of work, especially if you have limited resources. Not having to worry about growing the brand and your customer base is incredibly convenient and frees up your time to concentrate on your sales, customer service, and operations.
In fact we do most of the heavy lifting – like maintaining your webshop or POS platform, running ads and marketing campaigns.

Marketing collateral

You can access to our in house designers, webdevelopers and sale team making sure you are not on your own. Whatever you think you’ll need to get more sales, we’ll make sure you get it. 

You Don’t Need Buckets of Money:

Partnering up makes it amazingly easy to get started selling. You don’t need to invest heavily in inventory, yet you can still offer most items to your customers. We have a proven trackrecord with suppliers and partners.

The Market Is Exploding:

New types of mobility are popping up everywhere and are being used as a daily method of transportation in urban cities. Join us and get instant access to the best brands.

The industry leading retailer

Fatdaddy’s curriculum is top of the line. There is no other company that is not only retailer/distributor of such a massive quantity there is also no other company that will invests so much in their partners as we do. 

Exclusive territory

When you partner with Fatdaddy, you receive your exclusive territory in the market that your are active in. This can be cross platform and both online as offline. 

Website, customer support and social media

When you join Fatdaddy you will have access to all of the in-house knowledge and support that we have learned since Fatdaddy started. You will not only get access to our stated or the art backend, you will also get access to our international support that helps you with customer cases, repairs and other questions when you are in doubt. 

Not limited to our in house products

You are not bound to our suppliers, you are free to also sell other brands that fit your demographic. You also get access to all stock of the other partners, making inventory sharing a breeze. 

We do al the heavy lifting

It’s incredibly hard to get traction with your own brand or company, you need to have years of successful trackrecord and build brand trust with your customers. When partnering with Fatadddy you are riding the was made by one of the biggest brands in mobility. 

A simple webshop can easily cost you thousands a year, and that’s just a basic one. We will give you access to our advanced online platform that is packed with modern technology and integrations that will make your and the customer’s life easier. 

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