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Micro electric scootersMicro has a wide selection of electric foldable scooters, developed and designed in Switzerland. There is a choice of motion controlled scooters and scooters with a throttle. Because of their light weight and compact format they are ideal for the last mile. Folded up the can be easily taken with you in car, bus or train. You will scoot fast and comfortably to your destination.

The Micro Merlin

The Micro Merlin offers a range of up to 25 km with excellent driving comfort. The big wheels combined with both front and rear suspension provide a safe driving experience even when street conditions are rough.

The Micro Condor II

The high-performance motor in the Micro Condor 2 with a maximum power of 600W, makes it possible to cope with hills of up to 15%. Thanks to the exchangeable battery of the Micro Condor II, longer distances are not a problem.

The Micro Explorer

The Micro Explorer electric scooter is the perfect last-mile-solution. The wide deck, the adjustable handlebar and front and rear suspension ensure a pleasant driving experience on rough surfaces.

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