KingSong KS S19 3500W


Looking for a top-tier electric unicycle that provides exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility for exploring the outdoors? Look no further than the King Song S19! Boasting a powerful 3500W motor, a high-capacity 1776WH battery, and an 18-inch wheel with a 3-inch wide tire, this cutting-edge unicycle delivers unparalleled stability and control on any type of terrain.

But that’s not all – the S19 also features an innovative 130mm suspension system that provides even more dampening than its predecessor, the S18. This means a smoother ride on rocky terrain and optimal shock absorption for unbeatable rider comfort.

Get ready to take on new challenges and explore the great outdoors with the King Song S19!

Available in early november

This item is in stock in our Amsterdam warehouse and expect delivery between 26 June and 28 June at your country.


  • X-shaped suspension linkage for superior shock absorption
  • Powerful 3500W motor with 160N.m max torque for rapid acceleration
  • Upgraded audio system with 4 speakers for enhanced sound quality
  • Adjustable 5W * 6 high-powered headlights for optimal visibility
  • Modular motherboard for easy maintenance and upgrades
  • Dazzling LED light effects surrounding the fuselage for a stunning galaxy lighting effect
  • Battery Protection board: Equipped with intelligent BMS battery management system, such as balance, overcharge, overcurrent, short-circuit protection, and abnormal analysis.

What’s New:

  1. 60km/h, higher speed than S18. Suitable for offroad and city road. Comparing to S18 and S22PRO suspension wheel, this unit with speaker.Other suspension wheel without speaker. Speaker with high pitch and low pitch separately. Not only lound,the music feel is very well. That’s also the karaoke level speaker, enjoy music much when riding.
  2. Powerful design of hollow motor 3500W, higher torque,more powerful wheel than S18. Magnetic steel configuration same as S22PRO, same power.
  3. Not much heavy weighs around 32 kg with professional speaker.
  4. Automatic adjustable electric headlight, if in dark,will more light, if in day time,not so light. This function like the car headlight function.Also could adjust the angle of the headlight.
    6*5W lights on the left and right, automatically adjust the brightness according to the speed (almost twice the S18), and the two lights can adjust the angle separately to provide good lighting at night. Almost the whole body covered with magic lights, a total of 164 RGB lights. Most beautiful when riding.
  5. Smart BMS system can inspect the battery cell voltage any time in app. The communication connection wire are double, strong connection.
  6. Display, 4 times of size comparing to S22PRO.


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Expected delivery

This item is in stock in our Amsterdam warehouse and expect delivery between 26 June and 28 June at your country.

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