My Slick Revolution Eboard has arrived!

Here’s what to do when your Slick Revolution Eboard arrives in the post.

All of Slick Revolutions Eboards arrive with some charge in them – typically around 30%. It’s better for the life of the Lithium Ion Battery to store and ship them with some charge. Others may well have more if they were selected for testing. Testing can be anything from battery life to running temperature so don’t worry if you plug your Slick Revolution eboard in and it doesn’t need the full charging time. Our Dual motor electric skateboards – namely the Dual Max-Eboard and the Flex-Eboard both have battery level indicators on the deck so you can see progress. All of our adaptor/charging bricks have a light which is red when charging and goes green once fully charged.

Typically, a Slick Revolution electric skateboard will charge from flat to full in 3-4 hours. To charge the wireless remote control its best to plug it in to the electric skateboard via the USB to micro USB cable. Slick Revolutions wireless controllers all come fully charged but again its best to give them a charge while the board is charging. Battery life of the wireless controller is typically 4 fully charges of the electric skateboard itself but we recommend you may as well charge it every time your electric skateboard is on charge.

Familiarise yourself with the controls and how everything works. Whilst your electric skateboard is charging have a good read of the instructions and make sure you understand them. Its a good idea to flip your board on to its back and have a play with the controls and work out how to swap speed modes. Check for any loose bolts and familiarise yourself with the skate tool and general properties of the board, how the trucks work, where to tighten the trucks up and the wheel tightness.

Once your electric skateboard has charged fully its time to go for a ride. Pick a dry day and somewhere safe to learn.

Here’s a blogpost about safe riding

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