Safe Eboard Riding Tips

As more and more people are out there riding eboards accidents are bound to happen. Everyone has fallen off a bike when first learning and eboards are no different, the same basic rules apply. Here are a few recommendations for safe eboard riding.

• Wear a helmet
• We recommend knee and elbow pads whilst learning too.
• Start slow on flat smooth ground
• Only go from fun mode to thrill mode when you are completely confident riding at speed

New Eboard Riders
Most of our customers tend to be completely new to the world of eboards and as such learn from scratch. We recommend that you start in fun mode which limits your top speed and therefore is the safest option. Up to 10mph you can always jump off and run if you come in to any problems or lose your balance. Above 10mph this becomes increasingly difficult and would more than likely result in a fall.

Experienced Eboard Riders
For those who have ridden before there are just a few safety considerations to bear in mind. If you’re moving from a single motor to a dual – get used to acceleration and braking. You may have a different controller with different response times for example too. Little things can take some time to get used to, so again practice slowly and build up.

Experienced Non-Eboard Riders
If you’ve ever skateboarded or longboarded before you’ll find riding an eboard relatively straightforward. In fact cruising on an eboard can be seen to be easier as there is no need to take your foot off to kick or brake. The brakes and power are at your fingertips so once your feet are planted on the deck you only need to adjust for comfort.

Basic Safety Skills
No matter what experience of eboards you have had before we recommend that you learn the art of footbraking. Taking one foot off the deck and rubbing the sole of your trainer against the ground to slow down. It can be tricky especially at high speeds but if the worst should happen and your board cuts out, loses power etc. then it’s a great skill to have. On a side note – our eboards have features built in to them to stop this from happening but even still it’s a useful skill.

This is arguably the most important aspect of safe eboard riding. Just like cycling you want to be looking ahead of you 20 – 50 meters. Look for obstacles or hazards way ahead of time and don’t stare down at the front of the eboard. Of course you should vary where you look and depending on the terrain you will be constantly scanning ahead and down. Over smooth ground with occasional stones or pebbles present (arguably the most dangerous terrain) you will need to focus on stones and where your wheels are passing next to them or over them.

Wear a helmet and have fun!

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