The big move south has happened and we are now located near Southampton. Our new office is located Abbey Park Industrial Estate near Romsey. Much of our stock is kept elsewhere with weekly top ups to our office/workshop/warehouse/photo studio. Yep, everything is in one place which will make things a whole lot easier for us.

Slick Revolution is growing and growing as more and more people are beginning to hear about our awesome electric skateboards.

Down in Southampton we are hoping to have monthly meet-ups for any esk8ers to come along, compare eboards, try out others and more than likely finish with a pint in a local pub. Southampton common is a great place to do this and while the weather is good we may well meet there. Of course let us know if you have some ideas of good places to ride down here. I believe there’s a 7 mile stretch of beachfront in Bournemouth which would be pretty ideal!

We are still exploring options of Go-Kart tracks as well as outdoor cycling tracks which we had unfortunately just found and set up in West Yorkshire before we left for sunnier climes. If you know of any outdoor tracks around the South coast, please get in touch with us as we are still looking hard!

In the meantime, if you wish to visit us and have a look at the electric skateboard options and esk8 accessories on offer please email us to arrange a visit. We have our full range of electric skateboards on display as well as our brand new Flex-Eboard and Rough Stuff Wheels for you to check out in the flesh. Shred Lights, wheel colours, bearings, deck options and all the stuff on our website will be available to have a look at.

We cannot currently accept customers turning up so please call or email ahead to arrange a time and date with us.

As well as moving down we have also teamed up with Luke Raistrick who lives nearby in Portsmouth. He’s a windsurfer, surfer and is up and down the country at events and will be repping for us, Slick Revolution.

Check out a blog about Luke here

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