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How to replace your ebike brake pads

Replacing brake pads on hydraulic brakes for an electric bike is a task that requires [...]

How to install a new Etray on the Raptor from Enertion Boards

This guide will show you how to replace the Etray (buy here) on your Raptor [...]

Sound coming from crank and bottom bracket area electric bike

Add a little more grease to the crank. That can cause the cracking sound. Not [...]

Boosted Rev wont charge to 100%

If your Boosted Rev does not charge to 100% but halts at a certain percentage [...]

Motor Assembly Replacement for Boosted Rev

Tools you will need: If you are working on the rear wheel, avoid touching the [...]

All technical information for the Skotero Tetrod

The Skortero Tetrod is one of the few electric scooters that are legal in most [...]

Boosted Board Battery Lights Explained (XR battery error codes)

Boosted Boards is know for their ingenuity and lean design. They also try to make [...]


All Zero e-scooter fault error codes

If your Zero electric scooter has a malfunction, it will display an error code on [...]

How to Update Your Boosted Board’s Software

This is old information. Because of the servers being offline, the app can no longer [...]