Boosted Boards is know for their ingenuity and lean design. They also try to make replacing parts or finding errors as easy as possible.

The second is something Boosted has find a smart way of indicating; they use the battery lights to tell you what is wrong aka battery error codes.

If you are uncertain about the error that your board is giving please contact the Boosted Service Center run by Fatdaddy. Never disconnect or mingle with your product if you do not have the right tools, the knowhow or are certain about what you are doing. Need a replacement? We have batteries and other Boosted parts in stock at ridefatdaddy.com.

It’s important to know that this guide is just for the XR (Extended Range) and has some similarities with the SR.

The main LED indicates severity of the problem and the button lights indicate the component that is having the issue. It is possible that multiple components are having a problem at the same time and that multiple lights will show together. The LEDs will show only what has the most important severity.

The Display may show a variety of information. Based on the color/pattern of the main LED (the one under the button) determines what is happening and how to interpret the Button LEDs.

Solid Green – All Good – Meaning the battery is charged or done charging.

Solid Red – On charger or Charing – Wait until the LED turns Green to check if there is no problem.

Solid/Pulsing Blue – The board is connecting through Bluetooth or trying to connect through Bluetooth – Try to connect your remote by clicking the big button on the remote and on the board 5 times.

Solid Yellow – Motor drive / controller is not connected or broken – Check cables.

Blinking White – Update your board and/or remote – Check cables.

Pulsing Red – Big time error, call a Fatdaddy service technician – Do not touch the board anymore!

Pulsing Yellow – There is a fault in the system – See a Fatdaddy technician.

Pulsing Red/Yellow – The system is tripping massive balls – Send on holiday to Amsterdam.

Flashing Red – The light wil blink, blink, blick, pause and blink again – See a Fatdaddy technician.

⦾ – Normal light (orange), ⦿ – error light, red, ○ – Light off (not lid up).


Problem – There seems to be a problem with the charger
Solution – Replace the charger and/or battery


Problem – There is an issue with the battery, probably something like a too high voltage, temperature or the RLOD.
Solution – The community is looking for a fix.


Problem – There is a connection issue in the deck
Solution – Check the wiring.


Problem – There is a connection issue with the motordriver/controller
Solution – Replace the motordriver/controller, this can only be done by a Fatdaddy service technician(using a aftermarket product will void all warranty and probably break the system)


Problem – There is an issue with the motor.
Solution – Replace the motor or your Boosted Board.


Problem – There is an issue with the internal communication of the board.
Solution – Check all cables, check for updates, check if everything is ok, see a Fatdaddy service technician and a doctor, you broke it.

Need a replacement? We have batteries and other Boosted parts in stock at ridefatdaddy.com.

2 thoughts on “Boosted Board Battery Lights Explained (XR battery error codes)

  1. Hunter says:

    My boosted board has a constant flashing red power button with 2of the 5 battery percentage meter solid red

  2. Mike says:

    Took a ride with my daughter. All was ok.

    Came home, plugged it in and got the power light red pulsing 3x and the 2nd charge light on. Won’t turn on normally or charge. Didn’t even use the full battery. Extended range battery and we did maybe 7 miles.

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