Slick Revolution Now Stock Shred Lights

Nights are closing in and there’s less time in the day to ride your Eboard. Well Slick Revolution now Stock Shred Lights which are the perfect solution for low level light and night time riding. See and be seen.

You have a couple of options with Shredlights, both front and rear lights are available. Each have 2 separate ‘light units’ to give you a cats eye effect particularly on the back of the eboard but also a better field of view especially when carving. White shred lights shine brightly on the front and red lights help you be seen from the back. Each light secures on to the eboard via a metal bracket. The bracket fastens easily under the bolts on each side of the truck and there’s no need to take your trucks off. For the tail lights they slot nicely down the side of the truck snugly between the motors wires. You can recharge your shred lights via a split USB cable and they last for up to 4 hours.

Slick Revolution will be making a video featuring Shredlights soon and were inviting Slick Revolution riders to attend. Get in touch for more information.

Here’s some info on the Shredlights from Shredlights themselves:

Shred Lights

Shred lights are the cutting edge of skateboard illumination. Truly one of a kind, they are the only removable headlights on the market. What does that mean for you? More shredding.

– Fully Removable
– IP54 Water Resistance Rating
– USB Rechargeable
– Durable Rubber Casing
– CREE Led
– Wide Angle Lens

Hassle free is the way to be.

The patented bracket technology allows for easy installation in seconds. The battle-tested lights are ready to ride over any terrain without breaking or falling off.

No wasted time, no worries.

Now open 24 hours

Get instant access to your entire city after the sun sets. With a battery life of up to 4 hours on a single charge, you can finally seize the night.

Shred more, see more. The city awaits.

Check out the Shred lights here

Check out our other lighting options here

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