Exciting news from the Slick Revolution team! We have 5 of the manufactured Flex-Eboards at Slick HQ. We had them flown over especially so that we can further test them and make some awesome promo videos and photos. We’ve got some exciting things coming up including a Lumos collaboration, a Shred Lights feature and the release of a brand new eboard. We posted a sneak peek video just today if you want to check it out here:


Oh and we’ve begun work on yet another eboard, an in between if you like. More to come before Christmas about that…

So the first thing we do when we get a new eboard, in particular a new design or with new components is we take it to bits. We do this quality control and random sampling on every batch to ensure that all the components are included and that the quality is up to scratch. This is of course carried out by our manufacturers and our own quality team in the factory but it’s always best to check and check again. It was this reverse engineering and testing which took us from the first Flex-Eboard prototype to the final designs we have today.

We’re so excited to be able to go on a group ride with the Flex-Eboards in a pack from Slick HQ. Is there a collective noun for eboarders? Not sure. We plan to shoot a video in Southampton common leading from day to night time to show off both the Lumos helmets, Shred Lights and of course the Flex-Eboard and Rough Stuff Wheels.

We have a range of coloured wheel samples including green, blue, red, orange and black. In November black and red will be available for sale and black is as standard for the Flex-Eboards. We will have a follow up blog about the evening ride coming soon…

Check out the Flex-Eboard here

Check out the Rough Stuff wheels here

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