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Why people are preferring to buy local.

With so many eboard companies popping up all over the place it comes as no surprise that there is plenty of rubbish out there. Eboards for $300 with little or no customer service, warranty or support. Slick Revolution’s most popular search term on search engines is ‘Electric Skateboard UK’ and ‘Eboard UK’ which is quite telling.

We understand that people prefer to buy local and as more and more people are unwittingly ripped off by fake companies selling unsafe and untested (electrically) eboards we cannot emphasise how important it is to understand what you are buying. In particular companies importing from the US with no VAT or DUTY paid and no EU certification (unfortunately we can’t name names here). Of course there are plenty of reputable companies out there selling great electric skateboards but it’s the few that will give the industry a bad name.

Plenty of people have purchased cheaper eboards over the past few months. Just head to the forums to see what people are buying. Now the tell tale signs are beginning to show for poor quality electric skateboards. (There are problems now cropping up with new more expensive hub motor eboards from the US) Time will tell if those issues are solved by the companies or if they do a runner as son many have before them. Problems are cropping up with seemingly no solution and no customer support. Slick Revolution do of course offer a repair service for our own eboards but we are increasingly taking on electric skateboards from other brands which we are able to fix some of.

It’s no surprise that we see the future of eboards as being locally dominated. Nothing lasts forever and problems do occur after crashes, water damage and so forth. Having a broken eboard isn’t much fun and getting people back riding is very important to us at Slick Revolution. So if you’re looking for a reliable electric skateboard brand from the UK then look no further. Before you google ‘electric skateboard UK’ skip the hassle and go straight to our trusted site! Also with cheap shipping rates to the EU we’ve also got europeans backs too!

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