Build your own electric skateboard with a Modulair system

If you got that Do It Yourself mentality, you will want a electric skateboard where you get your hands a little dirty. Luckily there are a lot of options, you could go all in and try to solder electronic’s together or keep it just a bit simpler and buy the electric part ready to go. In comes the Mellow Drive.

If you got a specific deck, wheels or trucks in mind, all you need is a Mellow Drive to make it electric. The Mellow Drive is a battery, remote, motor and set of wheels in one that you can mount onto any skateboard deck. If you get creative you could even mount it to other surfaces like a beer crate.

* – Please do not sue us if you try this.

The Mellow Drive comes as a stand alone or as a set with added front wheels and trucks. It always comes with a wireless remote and battery that will keep you going for at least 15 km, and it has the option to fast charge in less then 45 minutes. If you want to customize your own electric skateboard with high quality components, Mellow is the way to go.

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