How Ekster became the best travel wallet

Ever put your hand in your pocket, and felt that your wallet was missing? That cold fear is part of the past, because of a collaboration between Rotterdam, New York and a little bit of Italian detail.

Introducing the Ekster, a high end smart wallet that will remind you to take it with you. It has a speaker, bluetooth and is powered by solar power. Just three hours in the sun is enough for 3 months(!) of battery life.

If your imagining a beefy wallet with a large battery and speaker, it’s not. It actually looks great, is very slim and the tech is almost invisible.

The story behind the company Ekster started a couple of years ago. After meeting on a Fulbright scholarship in the USA, founders Rick and Olivier found that being Dutch wasn’t the only thing they had in common. They pitched their wallet concepts to a Kickstarter wallet enthusiast, Richard, and he was instantly sold. What started as a random encounter between two Dutch college students grew into a shared frustration with existing EDC products and a thriving business. 

They launched their first prototype on Kickstarter, aiming for 1.000 supporters. People were so stoked about their design that Ekster received well over 10.000 pre-orders for it’s first release.

Each Ekster wallet is hand-crafted from the highest quality genuine leather available around the globe, sourced from tanneries which only serve top-of-the-line luxury leather brands. Every wallet that makes it through Ekster’s design process adheres to 5 criteria: Efficiency, Safeguarding, Innovation, Quality Craftsmanship, and Style.

The bluetooth and speaker technology is inside a small solar powered card.

Siri, where is my wallet is one of the neat features of the Ekster Smart Wallet. This opens the App and shows exactly where your wallet it. I can even call the wallet and it will start playing a notification sound so you can locate it. The Ekster-App is connected to all other users, so whenever another Ekster Smart Wallet user is close to your wallet you will be notified of the new location of your wallet.

We are happy to announce Fatdaddy will be offering the Ekster in the near future!

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