Electric scooters take tens of minutes of your commute to work

If you are depending on public transport to get to work there are some irritating factors you have to deal with everyday. The waiting times. Tight crowds. Rising costs for small distances. A electric scooter might be just the right tool to make your life that much easier.

If your commute involves a combination of a train and a bus, tram or metro for the last miles. An electric scooter can make a big difference. You might be able to replace a part of the journey with a more fun and faster way of riding: No more waiting! Use a train for the long distance, and ride your electric scooter right out of the train station directly to your destination’s doorstep, ignoring the whole messy metro or bus situation.

Storing your electric scooter in the train.

Last mile vehicles

This is the reason electric scooters are called ‘Last Mile’ vehicles. Combining a electric scooter with a train means you can get anywhere, faster.

Electric scooters can go an average of 25 kilometers per hour, which is as fast as any e-bike in Europe is allowed to go. A combination of the top-speed and the time gained from not having to rely and wait on public transport can give you back a lot of time.

For example commuting between Rotterdam and Amsterdam can normally take 1:23 hours. Which means 2:46 a day, almost 3 hours! This can be cut back to 2:12, saving you half a hour a day.

Public Transport: 83 minutes
6 min – Walk to metro and wait
15 min – Take metro to station
4 min – Exit metro and enter train
44 min – Train ride to Amsterdam
5 min – Walk to metro and wait
5 min – Take metro to work
4 min – Exit metro and arrive at work

Electric Scooter with Public Transport: 66 minutes
10 min – Ride to station
2 min – Fold scooter and enter train
44 min – Train ride to Amsterdam
3 min – Exit train and fold out scooter outside
7 min – Ride scooter from train station to work

When you arrive at your destination you can take your electric scooter inside so it won’t get stolen, giving you peace of mind. Fold it and store it under your desk at work for a quick recharge and get ready to work!

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