Short: No, electric skateboards are not legal on the public roads in The Netherlands and Holland. This is because the electric skateboard is a motor-driven object and to use this on the public road you need a type approval and insurance (just like a car or scooter). You are allowed to use a electric skateboard in your own property and designated area’s. The Dutch Law says: A motorised skateboard = motor vehicle Motor vehicle = Type approval + Insurance (if no license plate a insurance plate is enough) Motor vehicle = Minimum of 16 years old No Type Approval = Object can be confiscated  (and is not allowed to get a insurance) If it’s your lucky day and the board don’t get confiscated you do risk a fine for not showing proof of insurance (€90) and using motor vehicle without insurance (€360). There is a Dutch article written by Rijksoverheid and from the Openbaar Ministerie that will tell you more about hoverboards, this also applies to electric skateboards. We as a company and electric skateboard enthousiasts are constantly trying to legalise the electric skateboard and we need your help with that. If you decide to ride please do this with a helmet, pads and don’t do anything foolish. One mistake and the boards can be banned for life. Got any feedback? Write them in the comments! Picture Credit

6 thoughts on “Are electric skateboards legal in The Netherlands?

  1. Miguel says:

    Hey, sometimes I’m also riding when I’m going to my drum lessons close to slotervaart and never got a warning until yesterday when I was riding to the rembrandtpark

    Any news or do you think it’s better to sell this thing? The itching from riding is way too much and I always end riding and taking the risk of losing my board

  2. Hd says:

    I just stopped by police in front of my house while on my one wheel. He scanned my Id and told I will get a warning letter.

    • Argemo says:

      Hey man any updates on that? I was also stopped and they told me the same thing. Now I don’t know if to sell it or what 🙁

  3. sacha says:

    Hi Guys, I recently bought an Esk8 (I live and work in AMS) and I use it everyday. I pass everyday in front of the police office near sloterdijk ( I was not aware it was illegal) but they never said anything and some cop see me daily. Is this just luck or esk8 are kinda accepted? When I read your post the first time I tried to look for insurance on my sk8 but no company do such a thing. good you make information! I would be interested to see your shop, can I know if is possible to visit you guys? thank you in advance and fijne dag

    • Tijl says:

      Hi Sacha, you drive past our warehouse every day and never drop by for a beer and some small talk? Shame on you my friend!

      We hear a lot of stories from customers who ride past the police every day and never get stopped. They all have one thing in commen they wear protective gear. Do you do too?

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