We want you to have a say on all things Slick Revolution. A chance for some open, honest feedback. Simply reply in the comments and lets get the discussion going. 

Heres’s some food for thought:

New releases: What would you like to see in new board we release? Range? Speed? Shorter? Longer? Anything at all! Let us know…

Current Service: Could we be faster? What guidance or info do you need regarding repairs? Is our support section sufficient? If you’ve needed a repair how easy was the process?

Maintenance: What maintenance do you do to your board? How often do you check nuts and bolts? Have you ever cleaned your bearings?

Southampton Based: Would you like to see more events from us? Group Rides, where would be best for you? South Coast? London?

Social Media Presence: Do you like what we post? Do you think we could run a series on something new? Have a suggestion? Have a good photo? Have you joined our owners club on facebook?

How could we improve this blog? What content do you want to see?

This is your chance. We really want to create more engaging blogs and get a great conversation going on our site. Stick your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

25 thoughts on “We want to hear from you!

  1. Owen Johnson says:

    I love this board. The Flex-E board bamboo is slick! But be warned. Although you will pick up the board in no time, you still MUST have protection. I came off at 20MPH, and was lucky enough to be wearing a helmet. My head/helmet bounced off of the tarmac like a beach-ball. However, I was wearing the “Bern” helmet that Slick Revolution sell on the site. I didn’t feel a thing and it probably save my life. Not many scratches on the helmet either. The helmet is high quality and still usable. Though best to buy a new one to be 100% safe!

    Highly recommend their protective gear. Even for peeps who have experience. Don’t underestimate the power of the board. It will send you flying if you take the risk!

  2. Junior Charles says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m loving my flex-eboard with Rough Stuff wheels. I also bought a deck bag, deck hook and full set of shred lights, so I’ve spent quite a bit of money with SR. I love supporting a UK company, mainly because of the promise of excellent customer service. My only quibble, is that I was promised the new controller and I’m still waiting two weeks on?

    My early ride (I’m still a novice): https://youtu.be/9V2SVtJS8fk

  3. michael larke says:

    Great customer service, helped me with all issues I’ve had with board, would recommend better beta testing on any new boards, Also a softer compound on your ruff wheels
    You have given me a good commute board but I need more battery life and bigger motors, Also would recommend a drop down deck


    I ride motorbikes, I snowboard and the Flex E board has put the same sort of grin on my face. A quality bit of kit and having both sets of wheels supplied is great. A real fan of the Rough Stuff wheels but also surprised how capable the street wheels are. I have had quick responses to my queries and that is important.
    Suggestions –
    Slightly softer compound wheels for on rough roads, (I hear these may be on the way)
    A pneumatic AT wheels option for the Flex E
    A rubber or neoprene cover for the new controller to keep it safer if you take a tumble.
    The SR longboard backpack is great except for the lack of padding on the shoulder straps. with the weight of the board some Velcro on shoulder strap pads transform it.
    I really like the new controller and don’t want cruise control as I might switch it on by accident, if you do reintroduce that feature make sure you can deselect it in the menu.
    Bespoke hard nose and tail protection would be good.
    In the future keep pushing the range up. The current 13-14miles is excellent but more is always better. Keep innovating!

  5. Greg says:

    Yo. I’m loving my flex-eboard. Size, top-speed, durability are all perfect. When I want to upgrade in the future my priorities will be (in this order): 100% more range, similar price, 30% more power for acceleration, hills and off-road, pneumatic tyres option (but must be bad-ass puncture proof).
    Basically, if you’re able to produce something comparable to an Evolve board with the all-terrain set-up, for a bunch less money, then I’ll buy one.
    From my POV you could leave out the street wheels. I changed to the RS wheels straight away and will never go back.
    Oh and a very minor thing. A rubber cover on the tail of the board would be quite good, since I always scuff it while carrying.

  6. Kieran says:

    Great support with board issues, I’d recommend more thorough testing before sales though, would safe you some replacement costs… A softer compound rough stuff wheel would be good, the current ones have high rebound on rough roads at speed making them a bit scetchy cornering…
    otherwise great boards & customer support

  7. Darijo says:


    For the new releases, I prefer range above all. I think something around 30-40km would be ideal. I would also like to see upgraded battery pack later on so that we can replace the current one (I have flex-eboard) which would increase range as well.

    Also, a current advanced controller does not have cruise mode (at least I could not find it) so that is something I would like to be added in later versions. Besides, the battery indicator on the controller is off compared to one on board (e.g., on the board it shows two dots, while the controller indicates almost empty). What I also noticed during a charging, charger keeps charging even when a battery is full (it stays on a red light). This happened once, while in previous times it would switch to the green light.

    I am a novice, and I use e-board for commuting only, so I have almost zero knowledge about maintenance. But looking at the website and different bearings I am not clear what is an advantage of having a better bearing. Is it speed, less friction, better range? (there are clear benefits of better bearing for regular boards, but for the motor with belt does it make a significant difference?). Also, how often we should clean bearings? Every couple of weeks, months? It would be nice to have all these answers in one place and from an average user perspective (regular day-to-day commuting on ordinary roads and pathways).

    Anyway, I am very pleased with my eboard and use it every day for commuting to work and city (except on rainy days).


  8. Damian Thompson says:

    Hi. I have to be honest and say the customer service experience has bee appealing for me. I emailed you about a screw head that snapped off trying to undo one of the 2 scews for the circuit board so I could fit the new one for the new controller. Never heard back about a replacement. Also left an answer machine message a week before that about said issue, never heard back from you. Not to happy at the moment, broken screw, no help and a £50 paperweight (new controller)

    • Slick Revolution says:

      Hi Damian

      We are waiting on the new advanced chips to arrive, we did reply to you on the 8/8/2018 and will keep you updated on the new controllers chip. We will also be happy to fix the screw heads for you.

      Many thanks

  9. Richard Patterson says:

    Hiya – Ok firstly I adore my SR Flex-E. I have 2 other e-boards not by SR which I also love but not as much, a Leafboard and a OFF Road monster board. They suit different needs. The Leafboard is great for travelling as u can just lob in the suitcase. I cannot do this with my Flex as it is too long so I miss when on holiday. But being only single drive the leafboard is not as fast. The Off road is great for really rough paths and is comfortable to ride with pneumatic tyres. But range limited. It is also not as well-built as the Flex.

    I would like SR to develop a v high end professional board based on the Flex-E (ie must be twin drive and V HIGH speed), range ideally 30 miles. I would like it to be lighter and shorter than the flex E. Ideally it would have a kick-tail so you can do 180 turns and tricks. That is the one thing I really miss with the Flex-E. I would like to have large rough stuff wheels of a slightly softer compond. (And perhaps have the option to interchange to OFF road pneumatic wheels). For such a board would happily pay £2k but really has to be the dogs b’s for this.

  10. James says:

    I have the SR Mini which I use for last mile commuting. I’d love it to be lighter and I’d sacrifice speed and distance to get that lightness. It’d also be great to see a selection of decks which are short to medium in length rather than just the long boards. Maybe better weather proofing given that it rains all the time in the UK.

    • Slick Revolution says:

      We have looked in to weather proofing, however looking at other brands who claim to have waterproof boards, they mostly always fail. Plus riding in the rain on urethane wheels is like riding on glass. Super slippy and super dangerous

  11. William Ruud says:

    Hey, im from Norway. I have the Slick Revolution Flex And I really love my board, cant deny that, but the belts are Way too easy to rip If I can USE my Brand new board for only 2 months And they will snap when i break downhill with me walking beside it. So since the board is just 2 months old. No warranty on the belts.
    I got fast answer back that i needed to buy new ones myself. Wich costs Even more money And i probably have to wait like 20 days.. IT is now the good weather is, And IT is my only commuter, got no car, so IT is a bit sad that Slick Revolution dont provide WITH new belts or spare ones in with your purchase when there is no warranty or gurantee.

    I usually moistn And airflush dust out. Using compressed air from an Angle so IT wouldn be pushed in the bearings. There is alot of dust in Norway so i think this is quite importantly since IT is my only And Daily commuter.

    New releasings? No belts please. Fantastic board, perfect flex, amazing speed, need just a bit more hillclimp, then this is the perfect board for Norway!

    • Slick Revolution says:

      Hi William

      Belts are a wearing part and a number of reasons can cause them to snap. Our postage to Norway is about 3-4 working days. We may look to include some extras as standard in the future. On the other hand our belts are affordable, other brands can be around £40 for 2 belts.

      Many thanks

  12. Daniel Kannerlov says:

    I own the Flex E board and the quality of the product is fantastic, the only thing i miss in it is a little bit more top speed and more torque. The RS wheels is a little bit to hard “85A” sometimes. Also would bee nice with some more upgrade parts to buy to it.

  13. Lewis says:

    Would absolutely love to see higher range – I’m not hugely bothered by speed so being able to replace public transport for even longer journeys would be amazing. Would love to see a hot-swap battery if nothing else!

    I’ve bugged you guys a lot since I bought the board and customer service has been great so no complaints there.

    In terms of maintenance I’d never owned a skateboard let-alone an electric one so I’m learning – haven’t had to do much of anything yet as I haven’t had it long. Generally just check for damage after each ride as my route is bumpy.

    Part of the owners club on Facebook – great little community. Your normal pages are active with photos too which is cool!

    I know there’s the photo competition right now but not sure on the details – perhaps a monthly rolling one that winners get featured on the blog or something?

  14. Rich Beach says:

    I personally love my Flex board and have no complaints. I would however like to add a mini board to my fleet, but I want one with a kicktail or it’s pointless.
    Will be returning the new controller as not a fan, but that’s more personal than any problems with it. I like the old controller and use cruise control a lot.
    Customer service has been faultless from the start.
    As for maintenance. Not done any.

  15. D Lea says:

    hi – great information on your website and can’t wait to receive my new board! Just noticed, however, in your Foot Position and Stance information, it says that Goofy stance is left foot forward…?? that’s not correct – Goofy is right foot forward, Regular is left foot forward…?

    • D Lea says:

      received my new board and – wow! it’s just amazing! the quality is superb, it is smooth and efficient and your delivery was absolutely excellent! Looking forward to many happy hours using this and more than happy to recommend you to anyone wanting a high quality eboard. Thank you! 🙂

  16. Adam Levine says:

    Hey now, loving my max eboard 2.0 but after almost 6 months with it I have some well-considered feedback for you all:

    1. In terms of long board, I regret not buying the flex-e. The 2.0 is great but very rigid and the single motor doesn’t have enough acceleration for the slightest incline;
    2. There should be an option to buy with the rough rider wheels out of the box. I spent 3 months on the standard wheels before upgrading to the rough riders and it’s a completely different experience, especially for London riding;
    3. At 80kg I felt I was too heavy for the min-e board. But the max-e is too big and bulky to just grab and take on buses and tubes. I’d love to see a mid-size board with cut-out handles for ease of grabbing and taking on transport.

    Hope that’s helpful!

  17. Angelo Zavattieri says:

    The product is great and really good quality. Customer support was actually quite good.
    Sadly I did something silly during my commute and broke my collarbone, but these things happen. Overall happy with it and will start again soon.

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