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Zero SR/S


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The Z-Force 17.3 kWh lithium-ion battery gives the Zero Motorcycles SR/S a maximum range of 301 kilometers . The Z-Force 75-10 motor delivers 190 Nm of torque and 110 hp, giving the SR/S an effortless top speed . of 200 km/h . If you lean forward into the cockpit and get behind the fairing, the SR/S rewards you with a 13% increase in efficiency and highway range, compared to its award-winning brother the SR/ F . Sit up straight and you’ll discover a more relaxed driving position that feels as good as it looks. Just like the SR/F and the SR, the SR/S features the industry-leading Cypher III+ operating system that powers all of the motorcycle’s subsystems for a seamless and transformative riding experience, and provides access to the Cypher Store where upgrades for the SR/S can be requested with the tap of a finger are available.

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