Zero DSR/X


Experience ultimate power, speed and durability in one motorcycle. With an astonishing charging time of just a few hours, this machine will get you back on the road effortlessly. Tear through the streets at an astonishing maximum speed of 180KM/h and enjoy an impressive range of up to 290km on a single charge . Whether you’re zipping around town or exploring off-road adventures, the Zero DSR/X delivers the performance and reliability you want.

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The DSR / This new motorcycle configuration delivers the highest torque a Zero has ever known: a whopping 225 Nm of torque, which is more than enough to propel the fully charged DSR/X and the rider over any terrain. The front fork tension of the rear shock absorber is manually adjustable, so you can ride smoothly with both light and heavy loads. The DSR/X is the first electric motorcycle to be equipped with Bosch’s off-road Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC),

Through continuous input from sensors, the on-/off-road MSC of the DSR/X supports the rider by assisting with acceleration, braking and when cornering or driving on straights, regardless of the terrain and conditions. Known for its dynamic acceleration and improved stability, Bosch’s MSC system is combined with Zero’s Cypher III+ to deliver the full capabilities of the OFFROAD MSC. The result of this combination of leading technologies: unrivaled straight ABS and cornering braking control, traction control and torque control, all to give the rider maximum control and safety.

The Vehicle Hold braking function is activated when you come to a stop on a steep slope by fully pressing and releasing the brake lever. This function serves as a temporary parking brake, allowing the rider to make necessary adjustments on a steep slope. When the throttle is engaged, the brakes are automatically released, allowing for a smooth start on a steep slope. In addition, Bosch’s Vehicle Hold braking function automatically switches off and brake pressure is released when three minutes have passed.

All-new front and rear suspension is tuned to keep the rubber on the road for a controlled, comfortable and agile highway ride. It also provides unprecedented possibilities on unpaved roads. The fully adjustable suspension travel of 190mm at the front and 190mm at the rear provides the extra suspension needed for off-road terrain. The rear shock absorber has a manually adjustable spring travel tension to allow you to set the perfect ride height based on the load while on the road.

A full range of pre-programmed driving modes, including Sport, Street, Eco, Rain and Canyon modes, can be selected whilst driving via Zero’s dashboard interface and customized via the next generation app available for iOS and Android. In addition to these built-in modes, you can create your own modes, allowing for endless driving profile options to suit individual driving styles or conditions. The brand new off-road capabilities also allow you to add Off-Road Traction to any of the pre-programmed modes, giving you a new level of control in low or variable grip conditions of any kind, regardless of riding mode. Each mode has a different performance profile, focusing on different key areas such as top speed, torque, braking, battery regeneration, traction controls and even color and graphics changes. Use one of our pre-programmed modes or create your own mode via the app.

Zero’s Adventure Sports adventure experience is all about the most intelligent motorcycle control system available today. In addition to the various customization options available, a range of upgrades are offered that allow for deeper customization of various performance criteria. The DSR/X includes all Cypher III+ upgrades. The upgrades include faster charging and increased battery capacity, turn-by-turn navigation on the dashboard and a parking mode that offers a slow reverse gear to maneuver around a tricky obstacle or park in a tight spot.

With no emissions or noise, the DSR/X allows you to enjoy your experience more, while minimizing your impact on the environment. Our industry-leading, gearless, direct-drive drivetrain is whisper-quiet and incredibly smooth, so you’ll be completely immersed in your ride. All this technology delivers a near-silent performance and a zero-emissions ride, delivering a new experience with every adventure, whether you’re braving the twists and turns of mountain passes or conquering the terrain where the road ends.

The DSR/X features adventure touches that provide the rider with a special experience, such as multiple storage compartments and an adjustable windshield. The motorcycle can also be equipped with a range of purposefully designed accessories, which both enhance its capabilities and accentuate its adventurous style. Optional accessories include saddlebags, a skid plate, windshield, tarpaulin, motorcycle mat, top case, extra loading options and more. Visit to see all available customization upgrades.

The Z-Force 17.3 kWh is our largest battery and makes its debut in the brand new DSR/X. With the optional Power Tank, the DSR/X is configured with a 21 kWh battery. Industry-leading power and energy density, combined with an aluminum cooling enclosure and thermal transfer interface, ensure consistent cell cooling and maximum long-term powertrain performance. All results mentioned are based on exceptional test conditions. Actual range may vary based on many factors, such as rider weight, road conditions, weather, grades, constant speeds, etc. Each rider will likely experience slightly different range.


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This item is in stock in our Amsterdam warehouse and expect delivery between 26 June and 28 June at your country.

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