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Ahooga Modular Unisex – 8 Speed Chain


With monthly paymens €108 pm or 4x €650 pm

With the Modular you get 3 bikes in 1: a trendy commuter bike, a shopping bike and a cargo bike for carrying the kids around. Don’t lets its silhouette fool you. Once equipped the Modular can carry an impressive amount of kilos. As soon as your kids grow up and ride themselves, you take the racks off and go back to a slick commuter bike.

The Ahooga Modular Unisex – 8 Speed Chainhas a 36V 250W rear wheel hub motor that assists up to 25km/h. The Li-Ion, 300W battery powers you up to 70 kilometers in range.

8 Speed Chain (this bike)
Facilitates riding hills and bridges – equipped with a lightweight chain. Derailleur and chain require more maintenance.

3 Speed Belt/Gearbox
EFNEO 3 speed internal gear hub. Quick and easy shifting when pedaling or at a standstill. Maintenance-free and very durable.

The modular is a space saver. Turn the handlebar with the twistlock, remove the pedals and your bike now takes up 65% less space.

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