Flex-Eboard Photos and a Trip to the Lake District

The Flex-Eboard arrives…

The Flex-Eboard prototype arrived on Friday the 28th of April at long last. Over 12 months in planning, prototyping, designing and redesigning. Having said this, Slick Revolution are in a favourable position in that we didn’t need to design the electronics as they are the same as our current Dual Max-E with just a few minor tweaks and improvements. So we weren’t starting from scratch but had a lot of new concepts to work on.

We knew we wanted a more rugged eboard but wanted to avoid issues encountered with pneumatic wheels. Namely wheel bite and punctures. With a good range no-one needs a puncture 6 miles from home. Flexibility in the deck gives a smoother more comfortable and grounded ride plus we wanted all of these parts to be interchangeable. If you haven’t already read all this info, check out some more here: http://slickrevolution.co.uk/flex-eboard/

First Impressions

Wow. We knew what the Flex-Eboard was going to look like based on our designs, mockups and plenty of photos from our prototype manufacturer but we couldn’t have expected how awesome it would look in the flesh. It came with our normal road wheels in place. First job was to get our new Rough Stuff wheels on. It looks like a beast and is a real improvement on our old Beast-eboard, not least because it is less than half the weight!

We then swapped out the bamboo deck (which will be the standard deck) for the Carbon 6 deck made by Russel at Solo Longboards. We couldnt believe it, what a beast this thing is, the Carbon Fibre layer with the diamond wheel tread looks truly awesome.

So the next few days were spent getting the white background pictures, some exciting 360 photos and tinkering with bits on the Flex-Eboard checking it all worked.

The Lake District

We had chosen the Lake District as the location for the filming of our Kickstarter promo video and were unbelievably lucky with the weather. Glorious sunshine and not too much wind. The lakes has so much to offer in beautiful scenery, quiet roads and a few small towns and villages – perfect.

The Flex-Eboard

The 2 guys from Dream Beach Life who were filming our video had skateboarded, snowboarded and longboarded before but never eboarded. It’s always interesting to see new riders get used to an eboard and they took to it really well. The Flex-Eboard performed brilliantly and it was our chance to test out the feel of the flexible deck, rough stuff wheels and ride of the Flex-Eboard. Plus check all the specifications on real world tests.

The wheels are everything we expected and more. They were absolutely perfect for the rough roads of the lakes and made light work of gravelly terrain and tarmac where the smooth wheels would fall behind. On smoother tarmac, their convex design means that they run in the centre of the wheel in contact with the riding surface and offer little resistance on smooth terrain.

The flexibility was easy to compare to the Dual Max-E which we used as a chase camera to film from and Alex and Josh noticed the difference straight away.

Next steps..

So the Kickstarter video is in production and we will let you know when it is launched. We are hoping to launch the kickstarter campaign in early June. We are so excited to finally share with the world the very best rough stuff eboard out there.

The Flex-Eboard. Check it out here



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