Final Flex-Eboard Specification

Here it all is. Lots of testing has been carried out and here is the final spec of our multi-terrain Eboard.

Top Speed                   22mph (35km/h)

Range                          11 miles (17km)

Brakes                         Powerful, progressive regenerative brakes

Power                          2 x 1200W DC Brushless motors

Weight                        8.5kg (19lbs)

L x W x H                   92cm x 28cm x 12.5cm

Deck Option               Bamboo or Carbon Fibre Composite

Speed Settings           Fun Mode 10mph, Thrill Mode 22mph, Cruise Mode any speed

Wheels                        Rough Stuff 110mm treaded wheels

Battery                        Lithium Ion (Li+)

Max Capacity             110kg (240lbs)

Charge Time              3 hours

Grip                             Multi Layer Grip Tape

Control                       Wireless Handheld Control



Rough Stuff Wheels

  • 110mm Diameter
  • 62mm Ground Contact
  • ABEC 7 Super Smooth Bearings
  • 85A Hardness for long life but good grip in the corners
  • Convex design for smooth running on road and grip on rough stuff
  • Compatible with Flywheels and many other Eboard drive wheels

Road Wheels

  • 83mm Diameter
  • 52mm Ground Contact
  • ABEC 7 Super Smooth Bearings
  • 85A Hardness for long life but good grip in the corners


‘Bolt-on’ design for multiple deck choice and endless customisation. The trucks, battery pack and control unit all bolt on to the deck. Fancy a change in design, shape or concave? Simply grab yourself another deck.

Bamboo Deck

Symmetrical rounded shape with central cutouts for more torsional flex and a more grounded ride. Made from several Bamboo layers this deck is flexible and responsive.

Carbon 6

Flex-E Carbon Smooth responsive ride the perfect partner to the Rouff Stuff Multi Terrain wheel.

Made from 7 plys of premium canadian maple fused with a multi layer carbon fibre matrix providing an unrivalled ride and control. Toe heel concave lock your feet for stability while the flexible, cambered deck soaks up bumps at any speed.

How it works.

The subtle positive camber when compressed by the riders weight tensions the mono directional fibres of the carbon matrix producing a smooth and progressive flex that absorbs larger bumps and shocks like the springs of a car. ‘X’ tow configuration of carbon fibre in the nose and tail ensures tight responsive turning and control at speed. Whether you weigh 70kg or 110kg, this eboard rides flat.

USB Port and Battery Display

Charge your tech on the go

  • Charges any device via USB cable as well as the wireless remote control
  • On-board battery display in 20% increments. Can be used when Flex-eboard is switched off

Protected Lithium Ion (Li+) Battery

Safe and Certified

  • Protected from overcharging and overheating
  • Slightly more powerful than our other eboards at 26V, 196Wh
  • Housed in a flexible case to allow full flexibility of the deck

Hours of test riding have lead us to this conclusion: This board can go where others simply can’t. Huge torque and huge grip on poor tarmac mean it will maintain good speed on hills and tackle ones that wouldn’t be possible on any other eboard.

We are launching on Kickstarter on the 1st of June and need your support to make this amazing eboard a reality. Head over to an back our campaign. Early Bird offers will run out soon!

eboard specification


Pre-order the Flex-Eboard here


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