So the new Flex-Eboard launched on Kickstarter at midnight on the 31st of May 2017.

Within 2 minutes we had 2 backers and within 3 minutes we had 3. We were blow away by peoples support in just the first few minutes.

It was such a huge relief to get those first backers in just a few minutes. Lots and lots of work has gone in to the Flex-Eboard in development, testing as well as all the kickstarter stuff like video production, graphics, content etc. etc. So to see backers pledging so early on was truly amazing.

By 7am on the 1st of June we had reached out £10,000 goal just 7 hours after launch.

After 24 hours we were 150% funded.

So they say that 99% of the work is done before the campaign goes live and of course we had done plenty of work. We got quite a few emails from people showing interest and a few people saying they will definitely back the campaign.

Never could we have anticipated this amount of interest after just 1 day. Our campaign runs for 45 days and we understand that things will slow down until the last week or so but for now we are well on our way to our first Stretch Goal.

We have some big Youtubers who were lucky enough to try out our prototype Flex-E who will be posting over the next few days.

At £50,000 we will be able to offer new wheel colours as our wheel manufacturer has minimum order quantities. At £75,000 we should be able to offer the new remote control with LCD screen that we have been working on.

We cannot thank you enough for all of your support. We will keep you updated at every stage or production and keep you in the loop with any developments. Please help the campaign to progress and tell your friends, your boss, your dog, your mother in law and anyone that will listen!

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