So the Flex-E Kickstarter has succeeded. What next?

If you’ve been following our Flex-E Kickstarter campaign you may have realised… we succeeded, in just 7 hours! Then we reached 250% in 4 days.

Kickstarter uses the ‘all or nothing’ model, whereby a campaign receives no money if they don’t reach their goal, backers aren’t charged and the campaign failed. The great thing is that you aren’t charged until the campaign ends so you can back a project early on and wait sometime before the money will actually leave your account.

So the Flex-E has succeeded and we will be going ahead with production. Yippee! We can now afford to move ahead with production of the moulds and once the campaign ends (and backers donations are released to us) we can move ahead with the manufacturing of the Flex-E. So far (6th June) we have been backed for 40 Flex-E’s and a few separate wheel sets.

We are on track for shipping around the end of September/beginning of October as planned! Of course we will keep you updated with the mould manufacturing, Flex-E production and of course our ongoing marketing and shouting out about our campaign to anyone who will listen or not.

Delays can happen but as we have 2 years of experience in this market and have a great manufacturer on board (no pun intended) we are ahead of the game.

We will post some links to Youtubers and magazines featuring us which is always interesting. If you spot us in the press or your favourite blog, tell us about it! Or if you have a favourite blog let them know about us, it will all help to grow our campaign and reach those stretch goals.

We can’t thank you enough for supporting our campaign (have we said this before?). It’s you guys and girls which make awesome projects like this possible. Lets watch it grow together, share on facebook, tell your friends, add a snap on Instagram and shout it on the streets!

 Check out the Kickstarter here:

Flex-E Success

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