Here’s a bit more info about our wireless eboard controller.

Eboard battery indicator

The top light of the 3 on the controller, this light displays the battery level of the eboard, whether it’s the Min-E, Max-E or Dual Max-E. Green means the battery is above 70%, Amber is between 25% and 75% and red means less than 25%. These percentages also apply the second light.

Remote control battery indicator

The middle light of the three, this one shows the eboard controller’s battery level. It uses the same colour system as the eboard’s battery level.

Synchronising indicator

This is the bottom light of the 3, it’s only used when the eboard is synchronising with the eboard controller. It also lights up to show that the eboards controller is charging when its plugged in.


The most fun part of the eboard, push forward to accelerate. The lever is progressive rather than on or off so you can easily control your speed all the way up to maximum.


Pull back the lever to brake. Again this is also progressive so pull back more to brake harder. Easy to use and sits nicely on your thumb. Returns to ‘neutral/no drive’ when released.

Lock/Parking Mode

If you’re eboard is stationary, a click of the lever will lock controllers buttons and disable it from controlling the board. Simply unclick to release.

Cruise Control

When on the move, click the lever to remain at that speed. Brake slightly to disengage. Easy. 

Power button

The big one at the front, hold for 2 seconds to turn on the controller, same for off. Once its paired with the eboard, the lights will stop flashing. 

Micro USB port

This is at the back of the eboard control, plug in the Micro USB cable and charge away.


2 x speed modes: Fun mode with max speed of up to 10mph and Thrill mode allowing for full speed (dependent on the eboard)

Handy Wrist Strap

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