Flex-E update and whats coming soon

We are just over 330% funded on kickstarter.com and slowly creeping our way towards £50k and our first stretch goal. Just last week we introduced a new pledge level for the Carbon Flex-E without the extra road wheels or bag, coming in at £699. So that’s your chance to get the top of the range Flex-E carbon at a brilliant discount.

Momentum has slowed but that’s inevitable with Kickstarter as the early birds slowly disappear. We’re still ticking along nicely however and word is getting out about the Flex-E and Rough Stuff wheels.

It’s a shame that we never had about 10 or more Flex-E’s before launch as Youtubers in Europe and the US are dying to try them out! But we really didn’t want to wait or delay the launch in anyway. Plus, the prototype Flex-E with its one off manufacturing moulds is flipping expensive!

So what’s happening in the next few weeks

Robert and Russel will be doing a live Q and A session on kickstarter.com as well as Facebook and Instagram live. Its scheduled for 7pm on Friday the 23rd (UK time). (11am PST)

You can ask us anything you like about Slick Revolution, the Flex-E, the Carbon Deck manufacturing (Russels area of expertise) and any queries you may have. Whether you’ve already backed the campaign or are looking to dive in to the world of eboarding.

Keep your eye out on Instagram too as we’ve been live streaming some rides on the prototype Flex-E out and about.

Not too far in the future we plan to have demo days at Richard Dunns Sports centre in Bradford. There they have a purpose built tarmac cycle track plus some gritty playing fields perfect for the Flex-E. All would be welcome to come along and have a ride on each electric skateboard, races, skill tests etc. It’s gunna be great!


For more info on the Flex-E and to back the campaign head to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1375688346/flex-eboard-rough-stuff-electric-longboard


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