Exciting times for Slick Revolution and the Flex-Eboard

In just a few days time the first prototype will be finished and ready for testing. This will be the first working sample of the Flex-Eboard and we cannot wait!

So far we have mocked up wheels, experimented with deck shapes, rejumbled battery configurations and spent a lot of time at the drawing board. Plus, our boards have been tested/ridden by our hundreds of customers to date and we have gathered feedback on what works, what doesn’t and what can be improved.

Improvement to date and why the Flex-Eboard will rule the roads


Not necessarily an improvement rather than a redesign. Wheels are pretty simple things and there is very little to go wrong to be quite frank. Longboard wheel design hasn’t changed for years besides improvements in Plastics technology. The bearings mount and work well with very little resistance and the current wheels are the perfect hardness for good grip but decent longevity. Of course it a compromise between the 2 but we found a good balance to suit most riding styles. The Flex-Eboard rough stuff wheels can mount on to existing boards and come as standard with the Flex-Eboard.

As the new Flex-Eboard wheels will have a convex design we may look for a slightly harder material as they won’t have a large surface area on the ground and so wont gip like the current wheels. However on rough ground much more of the wheel will contact the ground and the tread will offer more grip on this type of surface. We will of course be testing sever hardness’s of wheel before the big launch


Our first models of boards did have some issues with connectivity to the remote control. We completely overhauled the radio control unit in the PCB and now have very few issues.


Our first motors did have some issues if they were knocked severely which could bend the central axle out of place. We redesigned the motor so that rather than pinching the axle on place with grub screws, the axle is squared off to maintain perfect alignment even under heavy pressure or a crash.

Dual vs single motors

There is a ton of power in a single motor but it seems people want more power and more speed. That’s the reason we won’t be offering a single motor version of the Flex-Eboard. If customers are looking to take the Flex-Eboard on to the rough stuff we know they will need the extra power that the dual motors offer.

Battery Case

There was nothing essentially wrong with the old battery case and so the improvements to the design are aesthetic and practical. The new battery case has a lower profile allowing the rider to cover rough terrain and bigger obstacles. Each battery or protected against bashes and scrapes with a steel plate.

All of the teething troubles that we have overcome in the past 2 years of selling our eboards means that the Flex-Eboard will be relatively trouble free and this is what sets us apart from other eboard kickstarters.

Check out more info about the Flex-Eboard here: http://www.electriclongboards.co.uk

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