Electric skateboard maintenance isn’t that different to a normal skateboard. Look after it and it will look after you.


These are the magical little circular things found in the centre of your wheel. There are several different types of bearings which range in hardness, quality and material but in simple terms they are a set of metal balls (called ball bearings) which sit between 2 rings of metal, an outer and an inner. The ball bearings are sealed with a rubber ring inside, free from dirt and dust and allow the wheel to spin. They’re cushioned in place with washers and theres always a set of 2 on each wheel.

Theres no such thing as a truly waterproof bearing (not for skateboards and longboards anyway) some make this claim but after time water and grime does get in. This causes the bearing to run less efficiently and eventually fail. Its good to regularly clean the outside of your bearings to prevent this grime from being pushed inside. If you’ve got them wet, make sure they’re properly dried or replaced before you ride again. As a general rule of thumb, water is the enemy of the bearing.


Generally fairly maintenance free but an occasional check for embedded grit and glass is always good. Being relatively soft they can pick up sharp bits and its always best to remove these as they can wear or rip the polyurethane. Not to say you’ll ver get a puncture because you won’t but they still need looking after.


The rubbery bits which sit under the kingpin on your trucks, they make turning quiet and soft, they take the force of the turn and should be replaced if turning becomes sloppy. There are various hardnesses of bushing which affect how harshly and responsively you turn, plus the tightness of the kingpin nut affect this too. This locking nut should be checked regularly and the quality of the bushing too.

Nuts and bolts

The most important part of your electric skateboard maintenance. These should be checked before every ride as they will become loose over time. Constant vibration from riding has this effect but its a quick and easy check for anyone to do. Don’t over tighten nuts, especially the wheel nuts. The wheel should spin but not wobble or make a noise when moved side to side.

Electric bits

There should never be a reason to take of the battery pack unless you’re changing decks. The electric skateboards motor should be cleaned regularly and if there are any signs of unusual noise stop riding, have a look to identify the issue and if you can’t work it out, drop Slick Revolution an email. Continued riding often makes issues worse where they can often be fixed easily if caught early.

Last tips.

Don’t leave your board next to a radiator or strong heat source as this can cause the deck to delaminate and change shape.

Keep it clean, dirt and water free.

Motor struggling up a hill? Making a groaning sound? Know your electric skateboards limits and ride within them.

See or hear an issue? Stop riding and check it out – common sense.

Just look after your electric skateboard like you would a bike, or a scooter or anything else really. Look after it and it will look after you

We hope our electric skateboard maintenance guide serves you well! Check out our range of eboards here:



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