New Eboard rider – an evening ride.

‘What a lovely afternoon, fancy a ride out from our office Chris?’

‘Yeah sure I fancy a go on the Dual’

Anyway, it went something like that. We set off from our office in Clayton and ventured along the Sustran’s trail towards Thornton Viaduct which has stunning views over Bradford. It had been a nice hot day so shorts were the order of the day/evening and so we set off. Chris hadn’t ridden an electric longboard before but can jump up 4ft walls on a trials bike so he knows a bit about balance.

The Route

It’s a fairly gentle ride over to Thornton and is about 2 miles in total along undulating tarmac tracks, mostly used for dog walkers. It’s part of the Sustran’s National Cycle Network on an old railway line. Perfect for a ride on an eboard, in particular, easy for a new eboard rider. We had a quick practice on the Dual Boards we had selected (I prefer speed and Chris is a bit heavy for the single motor) and headed on our way.


If I had to choose one word to describe the ride that would be it. Cold. The sun soon set and the wind picked up, cruising along at 20mph with exposed skin was chilly indeed. We made it to the Viaduct which has perfect smooth tarmac and is great for carving on. The views are spectacular and we made a quick stop for a few photos.


It got dark, fast. We could just about see to make it back to the office but only just really. Chris had brought along a headtorch which did help towards the end of the ride but we did manage just about.


So Chris had never ridden an eboard before and took to it pretty easily. As I explained, once you get used to the brakes it’s pretty intuitive to learn. He said he had never really got the hang of skateboarding as a kid so never had much interest as an adult. He only really liked riding in a straight line and never could master the kickflip so that ended there. To Chris’s pleasant surprise eboarding is mostly about cruising at speed to get places rather than tricks but tricks certainly are creeping in as eboards get lighter. As a new eboard rider he said he was surprised by the power and ease of use although he did comment that getting used to the braking took a little while in particular the slight delay between controller and eboard.

All in all, a good little eboard trip and another Slick Revolution and new eboard fan. Can’t be bad.

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Thornton Viaduct

new eboard rider

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