My mind is blown! Both you and I know how seriously f*cked up it is that the Dutch government is somehow scared and cautious about electric skateboards, scooters and everything else we love. But that is completely different in Shanghai. The Shanghai government changed the law about personal mobility products overnight, meaning that from now on you can only see electric bikes driving around the city. This is all due to the city’s effort to reduce pollution and cleaning up the city. Sounds pretty similar to Amsterdam’s goals to go full electric by 2030 right?

We have been busy as always. In the following you will read what we have been up to last week.

On Tuesday we went to Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology CO., Ltd who is the official producer of the hoverboard that every 12 year old child has. We were welcomed by Zoe Zhu. She showed us around the office and later gave us a tour at the cleanest factory ever! This factory even has a testing track where they test every single board that is produced. Chic upgraded the original hoverboard with the new Hoverboard PI. Meaning that it doesn’t go up in flames or even explodes anymore, as you have probably seen on YouTube. At the end of the tour things got really interesting. We got to see a new prototype skateboard with just three wheels and no controller. The board works pretty similar to an Onewheel and is very unique to ride. Sadly enough we were not allowed to make photos of the board. Zoe and I have agreed that Chic will send FatDaddy photos and videos of the finished product and maybe even a test-product.

Instead of breathing in the smog of Shanghai we spend Wednesday in Hangzhou where we did some hiking and just breathing in the fresh air. Although the hike was beautiful it could have been so much more fun with an electric skateboard.

Then it was Thursday and we had an ‘interesting meeting’. We had an appointment with Lannmarker Corporation Ltd.. This company is the definition of a company that is producing cheap and low-quality products. We have spoken to Alice and she gave us a sales pitch of their low quality products. This company wasn’t what we expected to be, so we had some problems processing everything. So unfortunately this wasn’t a very positive meeting.

On Saturday we went to Maytech Electronics at 10:00 AM, which was early as F*ck(!). Maytech is already a supplier of Fatdaddy and thus it was very nice for them to meet somebody of Fatdaddy. Anyway, we were  welcomed to the office by Eileen. After some small talk we had a great conversation about Maytech’s products where they gave us a lot of insight in what their motors are capable of. We can find the motors of Maytech in electric skateboards, surfboards and even in fighting robots! The motors of  Maytech are of a good quality because the company focusses on building the perfect motor for all sorts of products.

So why is the next big thing in electric mobility a city? This is because we expect Shanghai to be full electric by 20 years! When you will come here in 2040 you will see only but electric cars, bikes, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards and drones. Mark my words!


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Putri (@putri.vr)

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