Why did we create this backpack.

There are a few brands of electric skateboard backpack out there, some of really poor quality and often break within a few weeks, others super expensive. A great esk8 backpack company did go out of business and so we decided it was time to throw our hat into the ring.

We wanted a quality electric skateboard backpack that doesn’t break the bank with great features and easy to use. Design work began on the bag in February of 2019 and some final designs were reached by early May. We created plenty of polls and gathered tons of feedback on what everyone wanted from a new bag suitable for all brands. Although our new backpack is Slick Revolution branded, the logos are removable so if you’re an evolve, boosted or other electric skateboard rider, you can add your own or ride with a blank bag.

What features does it have?

The way in which the board fastens in to the bag is using a hard shell sitting against your back and internal straps to hold the board securely. We opted for Fidlock attachments throughout the bag for super fast attachment and adjustment. Plus a strap supports your trucks from underneath for extra support and no chance of your board slipping down.

One valuable piece of feedback we received was the average value which esk8ers typically carry when riding. We don’t have exact figures but, add a laptop, camera and a couple of lenses or a drone and the value inside the backpack rises pretty sharply. Your gear needs to be protected from normal use as a backpack but also the possibility of falling off while riding.

Alternatives currently out there are thin and non protective, the new SR bag is padded throughout with an orange microfleece interior, to easily locate small items and keep your gear safe. (camera gear is typically black so the orange colour helps you to easily locate things. Plus its removable partitions allow you to swap out the configuration depending on what you are carrying.

The rear of the bag is accessed via a large zip and all of the zips are size 10YKK, chunky and strong. A 25 litre capacity is more than enough for a day or weekend trip and the bag is 50cm tall  x 32cm wide x 18.5cm deep.

A sternum strap keeps your bag locked on and removable hip straps help to keep the bag rock solid while you are riding or moving about. The back of the bag is padded using airmesh for comfort and breathability. A tarpaulin bottom panel keeps your gear safe from damp ground and road spray while riding.

A small side pocket is large enough for your remote and it features an internal eyelet allowing you to pass a USB cable through and charge your tech on the go from your SR eboard.

2 aluminium handles, 1 on the top and 1 on the side allow you to easily pick up the bag and carry vertically or horizontally. The aluminum handle are popular with brands like Lowe Alpine and Berghaus because they’re strong, comfortable and don’t pinch your hand under a heavy load unlike fabric handles do.

On the back of the bag you’ll find 4 straps. 3 main straps can be used to secure helmets, jackets etc. and are adjustable plus clip on with G Hooks. The 4th strap is a pullout and retractable strap which can pass through a helmet vent holes or strap to truly lock down your helmet to your bag which can be further secured with the other straps. Next to the straps you’ll find a vertical zip pocket for additional storage.

Reflective features on the back include the vertical zip, lowest strap and the SR logo, helping you be seen at night.

The Fidlock elements are german engineered and really cool, they magnetically lock together and the force is held mechanically, fast, simple and strong. The sternum, hip and internal straps all use Fidlock components.

More updates coming soon, along with the world’s best electric skateboard bag!

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