There are more, but in my 3 years riding here are just a few the SR team have come up with.

  1. Fun

Of course they’re fun! Riding at high speed on an electric skateboard is always gunna be fun. It’s a feeling you don’t get from a traditional unpowered eboard.

  1. Fast

With a top speed of 25mph there’s certainly a thrill racing bikes and joggers.

  1. Useful

The 11-13 mile range of the Min-E and Max-E electric skateboards make it a perfect commuting companion to replace the car or bus. Or even a bike for that matter.

  1. Easy

Easy to learn and easy to master. Both feet are on the board and speed control is at your fingertips. No pushing, no foot braking no worries.

  1. Safe

With brakes at your fingertips there’s no chance of running away down a hill or losing control at high speed.

  1. Portable

At 6.5kg and just 56cm long our Min-Eboard electric skateboard is light weight and very portable. Great to carry on the tube or stow away under your desk.

  1. Alternative

Ditch the tube or bus and add some excitement to your commute.

  1. King of cool

They’re just cool alright. Riding at 25mph on a wooden plank. What’s not cool about that? Features like cruise control make electric skateboards an awesome piece of tech.

  1. Balance

Improve your balance, that’s got to be a good thing right?

  1. Save time

If you have a busy commute through traffic, why not ride alongside it at twice the speed?

  1. Environmentally friendly

Electric power is the way forward! We all know this and our electric skateboards could not be friendlier to the environment!

  1. Not polluting

London and other UK cities recently failed EU levels for air pollution. 0 emissions. Less nasty gases in our towns and cities.

  1. Durable

Our electric skateboards are made to last and cope with whatever you throw at them (apart from buckets of water).

  1. Hills

Climb hills like never before! Up to 20 degrees for an 80kg rider on our Dual Max-Eboard electric skateboard.

  1. Money saver

How much do you pay for a bus or tube ticket every day? Re-charge your electric skateboard at work for free – sneaky!

  1. Useful

Charge your phone or any tech straight from the on-board USB port.

  1. Inexpensive

Our boards come in at around half the price of competition and quickly save you money if replacing an alternative method of transport.

  1. Warranty

All of our electric skateboards come with a 12-month warranty against manufacturers defects.

  1. Outstanding repair service

Need any repairs in or after the warranty period? We have an excellent 2 day repair service with free postage.

  1. In the UK

We’re right here and so is our stock. No 3 week wait or 6 month waiting list for ‘pre-orders’.

  1. New innovations

We’re developing new technology all the time. All of which can retrofit on to our current electric skateboards.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Ok, so not everyone wants to do this but with motors hidden under the board, you can easily blend in too.

  1. Filming

Gliding along on an electric skateboard is becoming more and more popular with steady cams to capture any movement on film.

  1. Join a growing community

We’re starting an eboard club in West Yorkshire and more are popping up over the country.

  1. Slick Revolution are always there for you. Just pick up the phone or send us an email. We will typically get back to you within an hour.


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