In a few weeks time we have the new deck shapes arriving for the Max-Eboard electric skateboard including the cruiser, the duckbill as well as the current carver model.

Just a couple of weeks ago we released the Carbon 6 Max-Eboard Deck. It’s the only carbon composite longboard in the UK. We did consider making a full carbon deck like so many other electric skateboard companies but didn’t for a very important reason.

Carbon has great tensile strength so makes great bikes, wings and boards. However is it is smashed in to a wall, curb or tree it shatters very easily. This is why a full carbon electric skateboard is useless and expensive to repair/ bodge back to life.

For this reason only our lower layer is carbon with the remainder as flexible and strong canadian maple fused under 8 tons of pressure to a carbon fibre stack. Mono-directional carbon fibre filaments combine with 12k Carbon fibre tweel. (12k is basically the size of the ‘mesh’ used to weave the carbon fibre tweal.) Many use a much thinner and weaker +cheaper tweel.

The carbon fibre filament strengthens the electric skateboard deck in key areas around the toe and truck mount. We blacked out the edges of the maple for a nightrider look but didn’t want to curl the carbon fibre around the edges. Once bent the carbon is no longer flexible and can dent and permanently fold like some of you reading will have heard about other electric skateboard companies.

The carbon fibre layer knocks 300g of weight off the deck and provides superior longitudinal and torsional stiffness for a responsive but still flexible deck.

The new deck looks absolutely stunning with a mirror finish. The resin is set to dry in position and needs no after polishing, just a few coats of lacquer to give a stunning mirror finish.

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