Flexible battery design

So we’ve got a great innovation coming out in Autumn 2017.

A flexible battery case with compartmented batteries.


  • Flexibility between battery sections
  • Sleeker slimmer design
  • Full length battery compartment
  • Quick change battery connections
  • Rubber gasket
  • On board battery display

Flexibility allows for a more grounded and flowing feel for the rider. We sell the Dual Max-Eboard electric skateboard and yeah, plenty of people like the sleek look of its integrated battery. The current battery case design of the Max-E and Min-E electric skateboards does allow some flexibility in the deck but does reduce it somewhat. Plus it’s a tad bulky at the moment and all of the weight is towards the back of the board.

We have listened to our customers who like to keep the flexibility of a normal deck. Plus it will allow the customer to choose the deck design and shape as the battery is ‘bolt on’ rather than integrated.

The sleeker slimmer design allows for greater ground clearance and an equally balanced board without separating the control units and battery and all the wiring issues which go along with that, experienced earlier this year by a US company.

The full length battery pack will give a much better balanced electric skateboard with equal weight distribution for superior handling and more responsive carving.

Quick change battery connections will allow customers to change batteries themselves, easily and quickly. The issue here was keeping dust and water out of this connection but we believe we have cracked it. The control unit will be a permanent feature and the battery section will be removable. Previously customers needed to send electric skateboards back to us for battery changes. The new mechanism will allow for new batteries and future upgradeable batteries.

A rubber gasket will now cover the entirety of the wiring from the rear motors to the control unit. This will make our electric skateboard even more water and dust resistant. Plus swapping the battery over will be much easier.

An on board battery display allows the rider to see the battery level split in to 20% coloured increments as well as the coloured battery display on the wireless remote controller.

So that’s our quick round up of the new battery case design. We will keep you updated about its launch date.

Prototype images

Flexible battery design for our electric skateboards Flexible battery design

Flexible battery design for our electric skateboards Flexible battery design