We get asked this question all the time by people who have either never ridden an electric skateboard or any board at all.

Here’s our quick guide to which board is for you…

Min-Eboard electric skateboard – our smallest electric skateboard, offering a perfect commuting companion. Small enough to carry on the tube or bus but a bit trickier to handle due to its smaller size. Best suited to those who have either ridden an electric skateboard or traditional skateboard/longboard before. Or someone who has good balance and is pretty capable. Not to say that it’s really hard just a bit harder than the Max-Eboard electric skateboard. The 11-13 mile range of the Min-E make it the perfect commuting vehicle to beat the rush hour and get some fun back in to your commute.

Max-Eboard electric skateboard – our most popular electric skateboard and a great one for anyone who hasn’t ridden before. It offers a wide stance and stable platform so it’s easy to balance and master quickly. The concave design means your feet fit snugly in position and carving much easier and the handling is more responsive. The slightly flexible deck offers a similar feel to a traditional longboard in terms of handling and carving. A great range and healthy top speed make this board perfect for an evening cruise. The Max-Eboard also has a choice of deck shapes plus the newly released Carbon 6 Deck which is a true carbon composite construction with multiple layers of canadian maple bonded under 8 tons of pressure to carbon fibre stack. It provides superior longitudinal and torsional stiffness. Plus it looks really mean!

Dual Max-Eboard electric skateboard – our most powerful board with a slightly reduced range but a greater top speed. For the thrill seekers. We would generally only recommend the Dual motor board for a more experienced rider or someone who picks things up quickly.

Two motors mean faster acceleration, greater torque and a faster top speed. The Dual Max-Eboard has an integrated battery for a sleeker look and design. Its range of 8 miles make this board great for a quick blast on a commute, to the shops or somewhere slightly closer than the Min and Max could take you. Whichever board you like, this one will get you there first. The Dual also has an LED battery level display under the deck meaning you can always plan ahead to the next charge point.

All of the electric skateboards have a USB output on the deck to charge the wireless controller or any other tech via USB cable. All come with a wireless controller, skate tool and orange wheels are as standard.

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