So you’re looking to purchase an electric skateboard, electric longboard or eboard? They’re called a few things but all do the same to varying degrees of success.


I think that is the crux of it. We as a company experimented with electric scooters and still have a few in stock. They just don’t capture people imaginations like our eboards do and I think the difference is this: You can jump on a scooter and ride it easily and well, straight away. On an eboard, it’s something you can get better at and requires much more skill to be a great rider. That’s the difference, people want that challenge and want to be better than someone else, it’s that simple.

They’re awesome fun to ride and there’s nothing like it really. Yeah longboarding is similar but it’s a different style of riding. Cruising at 20mph on a beach front is just the best feeling.


Plenty of speed too, on flat and uphill. Longboarders are famous for flying down hills at 60mph in full leathers but I’m talking about riding at 20-25mph on flat at the push of a button. The great speed means that they make a fast and efficient method of transport. Many of our customers use our eboards instead of the bus or tube vastly increasing their average speed which on the roads of London is a crawl at best.


The range of an electric skateboard means that it really stands up as a suitable alternative method of transport. Skateboards and longboards are of course an alternative to the bus or tube but certainly more effort and slower than an electric skateboard. Our single motor Max-E and Min-E can power an 80kg rider for up to 12 miles on a single charge.


I guess you could say they are slightly less portable than a normal longboard or skateboard. Certainly when there not being ridden. Our Max-E and Min-E weight about 7kg and the Dual is 12kg. Yeah they’re not really light but when you’re riding you would never know. They’re certainly more portable than an electric bike or scooter. Plus they’re pretty inconspicuous and flat so they don’t take up much room in a crowd of people.

Something a bit different

That’s exactly what they are. Most people haven’t still heard of an eboard or electric longboard which is why it still remains a niche market. Perhaps it always will but our hope is that they won’t. For all the reasons above the eboard market will continue on growing and evolving with Slick Revolution at the forefront.

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