[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]2016 has been one hell of a year. Here at Slick Revolution we launched our full range of electric boards including the Min-Eboard, Max-Eboard, Off-Road Monster and just before Christmas, the Dual Max Eboard.

We’re phasing out the Off-Road Monster for a number of reasons. It’s being replaced by an Off-road version of the Dual Max Eboard electric longboard allowing you, the customer, our awesome, awesome customer to swap out the wheels and have a road and off-road board. The Beast Eboard (Off-road Dual Max Eboard) will weigh in at 13kg (10kg lighter than the original Off-Road Monster and of course have 2 motors not 1.

More torque, better grip and an overall better riding experience. Plus, if you didn’t already know this board has the battery integrated in to the Deck for awesome ground clearance and a muck sleeker look.

Our most popular board by far is the Max-Eboard. It’s really easy to learn and really fun to ride. For those new customers who have either never ridden a longboard before, or an electric longboard we generally recommend the Max-Eboard and there’s plenty of them out there now. Over 250 sold last year.

The Min-Eboard has proven to be the most popular eboard amongst commuters and those just wanting to keep it in their car and go for a ride when they’re out and about. It’s great to carry on the tube and easy to store under your desk at work.

We only just released the Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard before the new year but pre-sold dozens before Christmas. People wanting a bit more oomph and greater climbing ability opted for this board.

So plenty of exciting stuff ahead for Slick Revolution. Here’s a summary of new tech for early 2017.

  • The Beast Eboard
  • Dual Motor Max-Eboard with an overhauled design.
  • Off-road versions of all boards.
  • New deck designs for the Max-Eboard

We will be attending Slide Actionsport Show in Telford in January, the Spring Fair in Birmingham at the beginning of February and the Cycle Show in London in September. Weve got a crazy jam packed year ahead and can’t wait to get our boards out to you guys!

Check out our tech here: http://slickrevolution.co.uk/shop/[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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