[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So what are we up to for 2017? There are big things happening at Slick Revolution as we seek to improve our range.

The Max-Eboard

We have the single motor Max-Eboard electric skateboard available right now. It’s a great electric skateboard and perfect for cruising long distances on flat to slight hilly areas. We always appreciate customer feedback and you guys wanted a dual version.

So we developed the Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard which has dual motors and an integrated battery. It’s perfect for powerful cruising over a smaller range than the Max-Eboard but does have a better hill climb ability and top speed. It’s got a sleek design with no battery hanging under the deck.

The New Max-Eboard?

The issue arose of different deck shapes. Some people prefer camber, some flat, some concave or traditional design. It’s difficult to change the shape of the Dual Max-Eboard’s deck due to the integrated battery design. Well we wanted to solve this issue by designing a dual motor version of the Max-Eboard with an interchangeable deck. It will still have a battery underneath allowing the user to change decks when they like. We will be offering different deck designs and material. Including a carbon fibre model!

We’re also introducing a new truck design allowing the Max-Eboard electric skateboardto ride lower to the ground and have some adjustment in the truck separation too.

Different deck designs and a lower ride height mean that the motors can no longer be underneath the deck in front of the rear wheels. So the dual motors have now moved to the back and ride behind the drive wheels. It looks awesome and allows for all kinds of decks to be used on the same tech. Simple.

The Off-road Monster electric longboard will evolve in to a version of the Dual Max-Eboard electric skateboard with off-road truck and wheels. Named The Beast-Eboard, it will be 10kg lighter than the Off-Road Monster and were making this available with interchangeable trucks allowing a road and off-road version. We have a highly innovative battery design but we daren’t say too much about this at the moment. We will keep you updated on this.

So plenty of exciting stuff ahead for Slick Revolution. Didn’t catch all that? Here’s a summary of new tech for early 2017.

  • The Beast Eboard
  • Dual Motor Max-Eboard with an overhauled design.
  • Off-road versions of all boards.
  • New deck designs for the Max-Eboard

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