[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Where the Slick Revolution began

My name is Robert Simpson and I am the founder of Slick Revolution. I started this journey back in August 2015 as all good business ideas smart with some mates over a pint.

I first saw an electric skateboard when I was on holiday in Surfers Paradise down the East coast of Australia. I loved them and from that point on I knew I wanted to start my own business and get involved in this awesome industry.

I did a ton of research and bought about 5 electric skateboards and electric longboards. There wasn’t a lot out there really, just a few companies with expensive boards and a lot of companies with really cheap eboards.

I read up online on the big brands out there and what was on offer. I tested the hell out of all the boards I bought and came up with these conclusions

  • If you want a quality eboard you need to spend well over £900. (plus import costs and shipping)
  • Any board less than this was generally poor quality and did not live up to the claimed mileage and speed.
  • There’s lots of companies out there outside the UK and EU but not many at all right here.

I knew what I had to do. If I wanted to stand out in the market, I would need to source eboards to retail for between £500 and £800 whilst still maintaining the quality of the more expensive boards.

I approached dozens of manufacturers all over the world to see what they could make and how well they could make it. After lots of trial and error and I do mean lots, we finally settled on a manufacturer who could deliver our goals to the UK and EU Market.

My business has come a long way since 2015 with new designs and highly innovative features in the pipeline for 2017. Our electric skateboards and electric longboards are always evolving to feature better designs, more versatile boards and new styles of decks.

We have the Beast –Eboard on the way as well as new versions of the Max-Eboard with off-road capabilities and interchangeable parts. Want to upgrade your board? We plan to make this possible very soon!

I will of course keep you updated on our progress as our company grows as more and more satisfied customers join the Slick Revolution.

We always love to hear any ideas our customers have for design changes or features. If you have any ideas, then please feel free to send us an email. You never know, your idea may make it to the production line.

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